Edo 2024: With Igbinedion In The Race, Voting For Him Is The Surest Way To Banish Bad Governance

By Isaac Asabor
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Barrister Dele Igbinedion

As an Edolite and Journalist, every passing day had seen me nervously looking out for media mention about the state of affairs in Edo state. It is almost becoming a ritual as I committedly do it, by frequently watching television stations that have the predilection of broadcastingactivities that surround politics in the state, explore social media platforms, visit online newspapers as well as go through diverse traditional newspapers which are no doubt constant reminders of issues related to “governance,” in the state.

To put it bluntly, not a few Edolites are unhappy with the state of affairs in the state at the moment, and this is no doubt very fathomable as chariness runs high amid ineptitude in governance that is assuming a deeper penetration, so much so that service delivery in most cases does not reach a large demographic segment of the population in the state.

Be that as it may, the barometer of public opinion in the state suggests that the incumbent governor has not done well, or better still has reached his tether end, particularly when viewed from the fact that he was expected to bringhis past experiences as a technocrat and chairman of Edo State Economic and Strategic Team under former governor of the State, Senator Adams Oshiomhole, to bear on the ongoing leadership process. Simply put, there are still agitations from a wide spectrum of the population in the state that his overall performance so far leaves much to be desired.

Without any scintilla of hyperbole, the gap in governance that crept in few months after Comrade Adams Oshiomhole left office in 2016 is by each passing day widening thereby leaving the impression that the legacy he left in the government house has not been maximized and sustained as expected. This ostensive retrogressive trend in governance, no doubt, has raised the concern, and called for the input of other stakeholders as a way of taking the state to the next level. These are leaders that understand the potential impact of governance on the state’s success or failure. They are citizenly capable as leaders to meet the people’s expectations in the state when given the opportunity.

One of such leaders, Barrister Dele Igbinedion, no doubt, has the trump card that is needed to take the state to the next level when given the opportunity to fly the Labour Party Flag, and consequently when voted for by the people of Edo state; irrespective of political, ethnic and religious affiliations. The reason for being a popular choice of the people cannot be pooh-poohed as he has the trump card that is needed to take the state to the next level. Toput it straightforwardly, Igbinedion’s candidature at both the primary and gubernatorial election stages on his bid to Osadebay Avenue are beyond primordial sentiments.

According to lexicographers, a trump card is “An advantage that makes a person more likely to succeed than other people, especially in something that other people do not know about.” Against the foregoing backdrop, it is germane to ask; “What is the trump card that Igbinedion possesses?

To answer the foregoing question, it suffices to say that Igbinedion is unquestionably regarded in the state as a man with the needed experience to become the next governor having being part of the administration that brought the dividends of democracy to the state. Added to the foregoing is the fact that his political ambition has the support and blessings of all and sundry within the state, and beyond.

Against the foregoing backdrop, it is expedient to say that he was a former member of the Edo State House of assembly, where he represented the Orhionmwon East Constituency in the House of Assembly, and while in the House, he was the Chairman of the Committee on Finance, Commerce and Industry.

He was also the Chairman, Board of Directors of the government owned Edo Broadcasting Service, EBS, and has also been the legal adviser and consultant to the Edo State House of Assembly, Secretary, Law Review Committee of Edo State.

Currently, Hon. Dele Igbinedion is a lawyer in private practice where he specializes in Human Rights Enforcement and litigation. He has successfully handled several high-profile cases, which has changed the way government relates to Nigerians. He is currently a patron to the law students Association, Ambrose Alli University, and also the National Open University of Nigeria law students, Benin study Centre. He is a publisher and author of several law books and journals.

Without sounding hyperbolical, his years of experience in government so far put him in a good stead to do the greatest good to the greatest number of people in the state.

Though Igbinedion has always being in the State with the people, particularly at the grassroots level, and have on that virtue been helping the oppressed, and the disadvantaged as he is a lawyer and an activist, unlike other politicians that have taken the cities of Lagos and Abuja to be their permanent places of abode.

Despite living and interacting in a wide community where not a few people close their eyes to the plights and challenges which others face, Igbinedion believes that the destiny of each individual, wherever he resides on the earth is tied up with the destiny of all men that inhabit the globe, so with the foregoing belief ingrained in him, he never hesitates to help others. You can imagine such a personality becoming the governor of Edo State, come 2024, when chosen to be voted for.

In fact, one of the areas of governance in the State where there is noticeable lapse is in that of human capacity. To this, the former lawmaker has what it takes to take actions towards bridging the lacuna, and make it better than it is.

Another area of governance in the state that is highly deplored by the people is that of abject neglect of the political class and failure to carry them along by the powers that be. To this, there is no way Igbinedion will fall into the shenanigan of neglecting the political class as he is known to have always exhibited pleasant attitude towards those that helped him in his political aspiration. To this end, one does not need a soothsayer to say that he has the predilection to accord those that will support him in his race to Osadebey Avenue the due respect they deserve; individually and collectively. He is not the kind of politician that will malign the very people that worked hard, travelled the length and breadth of Edo State for him to win an election, only for him to place his fingers on his eyes and tell them, “Oooin”. He does not belong to the brand of politicians that take delight in literarily drinking from the fountain of power and uncontrollably get drunk with power. He is not the kind of leader that will immediately develop lethargy towards the political class and close the political space after he has been sworn into office.

At this juncture, not a few readers of this piece may be asking whether he will be able to attract infrastructural development to the state when he becomes the governor. To me, he will be more than able to attract infrastructural development to the state as he is at the moment not satisfied with the state of affairs in Edo State.

For instance, at a recent parley with him, he was asked, “As one of the aspirants vying to become the next Edo State Governor, what you would do better?”

Hear his response: If you ask me what I’m bringing to the table when voted for, I will answer your question by saying that noting is working when viewed from the perspective of governance. Also, I will tell you that everything is not going well. First of all, unfortunately, we do not have a government that understands Governance.

Given the foregoing response, there is no denying the fact that Igbinedion knows what leaders operating the ongoing government machineries are not doing, and what the people need when voted into power.

At this juncture, it is expedient to conclude that as the next gubernatorial election in Edo State is fast approaching, and with Igbinedion in the race, that voting for him is the surest way to banish bad governance.

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