Fornication and Marriage

By Melanie Miller

First off, marriage is vital and important and one should not fornicate. Think of all the deseases out there one can get, by fornication and not wearing protection.

If you are involved with just one individual, then if you prefer to engage in sexual activity, make sure you are protected against, STD's and do not fool around with a ton of people.

I have a male friend that is gay, and now has a sexually transmitted desease and he has sores on his private area. I hope he can get rid of this desease, and he may not be able to, and if he continues to practice unprotected and unsafe sex, he may get another std.

So if you have a friend that is having unprotected sex, then you may wish to talk to her or him about this. Sex is natural and a gift from God, true, and sex should be something you do not feel forced into. If anyone is forcing you into having sex, then tell a friend, or parents and or doctor even. You do not have to be forced into doing something you do not wish too. Be assertive and tell this person whom you may be dating, and tell him or her, you are not going to be forced into something you may feel will be wrong to do, or tell them that you do not wish to engage in sex unless you are married to this indidivual. If this person responds in a verbally abusive way, you may then wish to rethink about this relationship you may be involved in.

Sex is personal and private and many people talk about what they did with their partner, and some prefer to keep it under wraps, which is a good thing to do, to keep your sex life to yourself. If you prefer to brag about the many people you had or have to your partner, be sure it does not hurt the relationship. Is your relationship strong enough to discuss about the other or many people you may have had intercourse with, to your mate, and telling her or him all about your past. They maybe afraid to make love to you, then...after hearing about all the mates or sex partners you had in your past.

Be carefull whom you are with sexually. If you feel comfortable dating a lot of people then this is your choice alone, but always practice safe sex with them. One can not be too careful these days, and if sex is something you feel you really need, there is always the alternative of masturbation. It is safe sex and one can not catch an STD from simply masterbating. Of course in some cultures, they see it as sin, and some people feel it is perfectly normal. Even teens practice masturbation over actors and actresses they seen on TV or look at nude magazines or think or fantasize of some individual they know of or talked to, at a store. Masturbation is perfectly natural and a normal act to perform. All people try this from time to time, I am quite sure off, or at least most men and women and teens have tried masturbation before.

Well whatever you wish to do, however you wish to make love to your partner is entirely up to you, as you are your own person and if you feel forced into sex with someone, tell someone you can trust and confide in. Tell any one that you feel will be supportive of you. Well..I hope my article was of some help to others or many people out there and thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say.

the end...