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These actress are not only beautiful, they have what it takes to be the best in their chosen profession. Most of them would have made good wives but not all of them are so lucky to keep their homes. Any time they get into relationships with the hope of consummating the affairs, disappointment usually keep them still searching for "Mr Right." Although some of them have love children as a result of such unions, they prefer to keep these children out of public knowledge for their own interest. Kunle Rasheed reveals some actresses who have child or children outside wedlock.

Shan George:

This light-skin actress came out hot when she started out in the movie industry. Before her entry into the industry, Shan George was living in her home town. There, she had a forced marriage at a much younger age of 17. The marriage did not last. That marriage produced two grown up boys who are now schooling abroad. After that she tried to go into two other relationships, which did not last

.Ann Njamanze:

Before the fatal accident that almost claimed her life, Ann was a prominent actress in the movie industry. She lost her visible presence due to the accident, which restricted her to the sick bed for a long time.

Then her celebrated relationship with fellow actor Segun Arinze was cemented with the birth of her daughter Morenike. The union didn't however survive the test of time. Today Ann Njaminze has moved on with her life. It was even heard that she had another baby not too long ago for the new man in her life

Ibinabo Fiberesima:

The beautiful actress has her own share of failed relationship. Her affairs with Phillip Trimnell and top singer Daniel Wilson were widely celebrated.

Not too long ago she got into trouble when her car rammed into a doctor's car, killing him in the process. Today, it was reported that Ibinabo and fellow actor Fred Amata are planning to hook each other in wedlock.

But time will tell if Ibinabo, who already has two children from two different fathers, would be lucky this time.

Alex Lopex:

Unlike most actresses who find it hard to openly identify with their children, Alex Lopex's case is different. At any given time, she's ready to tell anyone that she has a son, Joshua, whom she had for her lover. Although, the relationship did not last, however, Lopex is ever grateful for the joy of motherhood that the relationship afforded her.

Fathia Balogun:

Just like Fathia Balogun's relationship with her first husband, Tunde Anchor, the marriage between the Edo State born actress and fellow actor Saheed Balogun is said to be over. Before meeting Saheed Balogun, Fathia has a son in London for her former husband Tunde. The son lives with the father in London.

Genevieve Nnaji:

Before the sanction imposed on some foremost artistes including Genevieve, she was one of the most sought-after actresses in the country. Genevieve, a gifted model and beautiful actress attained an enviable height in the industry.

At the age of 16, she was put into the family way by one of her boyfriends who lived around her former Egbeda residence in Lagos. That pregnancy resulted in the birth of her baby girl who is about nine years old now.

Regina Askia:

These days, Regina has faded out of reckoning in the movie world. She was every producer's delight. Producers and marketers can't afford not to feature her pictures in their jackets and posters. And the reason was because she is an ex-beauty queen. Regina's relationship with a French businessman produced her daughter, Stephanie, who is now into modelling in the United States.

After the relationship with the Frenchman collapsed, Regina went into another marriage with an American identified simply as Ruby, which produced children. But just like the Frenchman's, the relationship has packed up.

Elfreda Rowland:

Elfreda Rowland is a very daring actress, who could act naughty roles in movies. A happy-go-lucky lady who likes to catch her fun, that's why if she's not on location, she's rocking around town. Elfreda has a girl from a relationship she had in the past; the father of the girl lives abroad.

Ronke Ojo (Oshodi Oke):

Ronke, a busty actress, who got the nickname Oshodi Oke from the title of a movie she starred in as a lead actress, is one of the hottest Yoruba actresses in the movie industry. About three years ago, she got pregnant and no body seems to know who was responsible for it. The pregnancy was linked to many people including a marketer and a London based socialite Wale. But Ronke came out to tell the world that the father of her daughter lives in Canada and that put paid to the controversy.

Mariam Apollo:

Pretty Apollo was widely believed would become the better-half of fine boy actor Ramsey Nouah because both of them were very close then. But Ramsey left her for his wife when the marriage issue came up. Before her celebrated relationship with Ramsey Nouah, Mariam Apollo had a baby for her former lover.

Iyabo Ojo:

Pretty Iyabo Ojo, one of the top Yoruba actresses in the country, also has two kids, a boy and a girl from a marriage she went into when she could hardly differentiate her right from her left. Today, she has been linked to another Yoruba actor Muka Ray and also to Kunle Afolayan.

Clarion Chukwurah:

Clarion Chukwurah is one of the veterans in the movie industry. This University of Ife Theatre Arts graduate started acting in the early 80s. While on the set of the movie Owolagba in the 80s, Clarion had a fling with juju star Sir Shina Peters (SSP) that resulted in a baby. Today, the god of love has not been fair to the beautiful lady, just like her marriage to Mike, Abiola's brother, she recently lost another marriage she had with a London big boy Femi Egyptian

Bimbo Oshin:

It all started like a rumour that Yoruba actress Bimbo Oshin was involved in a love relationship with the boss of Dudu Heritage, Ola Ibinronke. It eventually came out to be the truth when she got pregnant for the American-based promoter. The relationship went through turbulence because of the wife of the American promoter. The relationship produced a boy named Michael.

Bose Joseph

:This crossover actress had a baby out of wedlock. The baby girl, Opemipo, is now a toast of many movie producers both in English and Yoruba. Opemipo's father rejected her pregnancy and took off for the UK. Now that this child has become a star, he now wants to claim her paternity. Just like the first pregnancy, Bose had another man who refused to take responsibility for her second pregnancy. And now she has two kids for different fathers out of wedlock.

Obot Etuk:

Obot Etuk is one of the most respected in interpreting movie roles but this is not the same with her life style. She was celebrated for her love affairs with younger colleague Ernest Azuzu. Despite the age difference, several times, the actor would beat her to the surprise of most people. Today, Obot has three kids out of wedlock

Babara Udoh:

Babara Udoh came into prominence through her role in the famous movie The Glamour girls. Although before that time she was a regular face in most soap then. Babara has not been too frequent in movie production these days and people have been wondering what the problem might be. Babara Udoh is one of the actresses that have babies out of wedlock.

Sandra Achum:
Sandra Achum today has two children from two fathers. The first came and the father was unknown so also is the case with her second child. The reason for keeping her relationship from the pages of paper may be due to the loss of her proposed marriage years back, which most soft sell magazines feasted on.

Edith Jane Azu:

Today, she has given her life to Christ but only that she is happily married, but as long as she lives she will never forget how she became a baby mother at the age of 16.

Toyin Raji:

Toyin Raji is an ex-beauty queen that also got into the movie world. But before she could exhibit her God-given talent for a long time in the movie world, she left when she became pregnant. She solely nurtured the baby on her own.

Ndidi Obi:

she is better known as Nneka the pretty serpent because of her role in that movie. Ndidi left the movie industry when she was put in the family way by a business man. And ever since, little or nothing has been heard about the lady who once held her fans spell bound with the way she interpreted roles.