Betrayal: ‘Right Wing’ Senator Ted Cruz Lets Africa Down

By Tony Ademiluyi
Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz

Conservatives around the world were sturdily united in the affirmation of the recent anti-gay law in Uganda which criminalized homosexual relationships in the East African country.

Texas Senator and erstwhile US Presidential Aspirant, Senator Ted Cruz greatly betrayed Africa when he sided with the left to condemn the wonderful law.

In a tweet, he tweeted: “This Uganda law is horrific & wrong. Any law criminalizing homosexuality or imposing the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” is grotesque & an abomination. ALL civilized nations should join together in condemning this human rights abuse.”

Richard Grennell, a homosexual adviser to former President Donald Trump, praised Cruz for his comments, touting Trump’s efforts while in office to decriminalize sodomy throughout the world, a stance in which the former president aligned himself with a major goal of LGBT proponents.

Attempting to use the issue to distinguish Trump from the Biden administration, which has made the legal promotion of LGBT lifestyles a central policy issue both in domestic and foreign affairs, Grennell posted on Twitter, “Another example of what is happening around the world without Donald Trump as President of the United States. Thank you, Senator Cruz for speaking out now. We made it clear to Uganda in the Trump Administration that criminalizing homosexuality is wrong. No one should be in jail for being gay. Ugandan leaders understood the message. Why hasn’t the Biden State Department been as clear as we were?!”

This is a gargantuan betrayal from Senator Cruz as the Republican has been known to boldly express conservative views in the past. When did all that suddenly change? Why has he allowed himself to succumb to the lies of the left? This is sad as it is akin to attempting to be left-handed in old age.

Even Donald Trump, a supposed ‘conservative’ whom the right has praised to the High Heavens for his pro-life values and views seems to be tilting towards the left. He once hosted some homosexual politicians in one of his famous resorts in New York.

Pro-Lifers in the US have a lot of work to do to keep their conservative politicians in check and hold them to account to avoid or at least minimize these view-change scandals.

Africa – the whipping boy of the liberal West depends on conservative politicians in Washington DC to fight for her through pro-life and pro-family policies that enhance human dignity.

More conservatives in the US should leave the trenches and join partisan politics so that they can influence public policies for the greater good of all especially for Africans who for centuries have been emotionally battered and psychologically scarred as a result of the avarice of the liberal West.

Senator Ted Cruz please retract that odious tweet for the sake of posterity; Africa calmly looks up to you!