Securing Literature From The Claws Of Artificial Intelligence: A Road-map

Source: Joseph I. Babatunde

Recently, Elizabeth Samuel gave an insight to the concept of ChatGPT and Writing and besides, everyone can confirm the fact that AI -Artificial Intelligence, has been in circulation for a while, and no doubt, we have heard and even seen the work the AI can perform. Virtually, what human can do, AI can do and even do better. One of the most popular of all the AI is ChatGPT, which is a language processing machine that allows for “human-like” conversation, from the word, “Chat”. However, the place of human cannot be taken by AI. The purpose of this article is to secure Literature from the claws of Artificial Intelligence.

Literature is the mirror of life. And when we talk of life, we talk about the occupants of life, that is, what life is made up of, which is, humans and non-humans. However, the availability of human makes Literature more of life-oriented field. It incorporates human, non-human and nature together. As far as I am concerned, humans get inspiration when involved with Literature through life experiences, what goes on around them and nature itself. Now, when we allow machine to take the place of human in the articulation of what life is all about, then I can definitely say that, there will not be any form of connection that make Literature and all forms of Literature what they are today. Without humans and their use of language to connect with other humans, there won’t be anything called the works of Literature today.

This is not to say that ChatGPT doesn’t have its role to play, however, the role can be a kind of guide as to read the works of others through internet access, to their ways of writing, to get lexemes that will help in the description of the writer's aim of writing. It should not be a AN END ON ITS OWN, RATHER A MEANS TO AN END. HUMAN ARE THE END OF WRITING, BECAUSE THEY DETERMINE WHAT THE READERS NEED TO CONNECT WITH THE WRITING AS IT IS.

There are works of literature and what make them salient and resounding till today is their human intervention. When humans write, they write with FEELINGS in mind; they write to connect the moments; They write to describe the situation at hand; they write to express what they are passing through as humans. I want you to know today that, WRITING IS SUBJECTIVE and NOT OBJECTIVE like that of ChatGPT which is more of EMPIRICAL, OBJECTIVE AND SCIENTIFIC. The moment machine replaces the human activity, then, I tell you, LITERATURE has lost its vitality, and we start living in a machine world, which is not appropriate, as far as I am concerned.

In conclusion, AI can just perform “human-like” activities and not the human activities. Therefore, as a literary man or woman, never should you allow any form of AI to take your place and functionality. Use AI as a guide and means to an end, not an end itself. Let’s retain our original culture by being original in our writing. The originality leads to your style and your style announces you to the world which no one can replicate across the world. BE ORIGINAL! LET YOUR CREATIVITY BE INTACT!

©Joseph I. Babatunde [email protected]