From A Rotten Situation To A Bad One!

Source: Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, P.E.

Congratulations Nigerians.... Grudging congratulations to Nigeria’s President-Elect Bola Tinubu. The proclamation of the sickly Jagaban Bola Tinubu as President-Elect heralds the rise of the Agberos and the downfall of the Herdsmen.Nigerians pay attention to your local Agberos.They are your new owners. From Fulani herdsmen to Agberos. At least you have made progress.

The expansionist Fulani have a total monopoly of Herdsmen. But, Agberos cut across all ethnicities. Indigenous Agberos have their local turfs just like Lions have territories. No one dare trespass their territory, least of all expansionist Herdsmen. No more expansionism. In that sense and that sense alone, progress has been made.

Buhari was sickly, expansionist, very lazy, and surrounded himself with very corrupt people.Tinubu is sickly, fantastically corrupt, but not expansionist. He will surround himself with more capable but equally as corrupt, people.More importantly he will show Buhari real pepper. Let us leave it like that.

From a rotten situation to a bad one. Nigeria has made progress in that regard. But they saw the light and chose the darkness. Unknown consequences will follow for all Nigerians at home and abroad. Diaspora and Foreign Direct Investment will dry up. National debt, local taxation, brain drain, looting, and agberoism will rise. Nigerians will suffer greatly and groan unceasingly because they saw the light and chose to remain in the darkness.

The feeling and mood in Nigeria and Nigerian diaspora is like we got to the World Cup Finals and lost, not to the better side but to a greedy, well bribed Referee. Now we have to suffer the indignity of seeing the captain of the anointed team who can barely stand erect, lift the Cup.

Nigerians in case you don't know, what Jagaban and his cohorts who cut across all ethnicities have just told you, is that you and your votes don't matter. What matters is looted wealth and Agberos. They are the true Influencers. To them you are nothing but irrelevant nonentities. That is one implication of what we are seeing đź‘€.

Dear Nigerians, your enemy is poverty and whatever leads to it, not people of other ethnicities. So be wise. Do not be manipulated by politicians into violence or attacking people of other ethnicities. They are not the cause of your problems. Poverty accelerated by looting and corruption is the cause.

Fight poverty, and not your neighbor of different ethnicity. You are all in the same boat. Nigeria reinforced its earned reputation as the Shame of Africa and the disgrace of black people.

The reason why Nigeria is doomed as thing stand is this, and the logic is simple. If looted money and Agbero thugs made you President, you will owe your allegiance and dedicate your Presidency to looting money and appeasing Agberos. You cannot, and will not work for the people, because they did not put you there.

In building a better Nigeria and with an eye to the future, I and I advise the bredrin Peter Obi to congratulate The President-Elect Bola Tinubu on his victory, explicitly stating that it is without prejudice to his right to seek legal redress, should damning evidence of election rigging emerge from Labor Party supporters.

That is a winning gesture for Peter Obi. Remember he is the most popular politician in Nigeria whose organic support base cuts across the entire country. Peter Obi’s constituency remains the entirety of Nigeria. So, It is incumbent on him to calm things down. That is Leadership. There is always tomorrow.

As for President-Elect Bola Tinubu, we most grudgingly, offer him our congratulations.Bredrins and sistrens, cry not for Nigeria. It got what it deserves, something far less than the best.

We are watching .
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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