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2012 Presidential Election: Democratic Party may dump Biden for Hillary as VP


There are moves within the Democratic Party top brass, to drop Vice President, Joe Biden, before President Barack Obama completes his first term.

Forces within the party are of the view that Biden is a political liability to Obama. learnt that to shore up Obama's dwindling poll numbers, occasioned by the economy, the party is considering dumping Biden for a more formidable and more politically viable number two.

Predictably, they are rooting for Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton who is seen as tested, charismatic, and battle ready come 2012. also learnt that the move could nip in the bud, speculations that Clinton could resign as Secretary Of State after her first term to challenge Obama's next nomination.

One of those pushing this , is ex Virginia Governor, Douglas Wilder. According to him, if Clinton is made VP, " it would put her perfectly in line for 2016"

According to this bloc, instead of risk a chance of Clinton dumping the position of Secretary of State and angling for nomination, it would be smart to make her

part of the team 2012.
He contended that considering the performance of Clinton at the last presidential primaries, and her showing amongst working class, and women, she would be a a formidable VP that would pair Obama for the 2012 battle with the GOP.