Positional Play Between Good and Evil (Nigeria in Agony)

Source: Anthony Chuka Konwea, P.E., PhD

I and I have a positional view of the sub-eternal contest between Good and Evil. There can be no doubt that Evil forces perpetually oppose the Good. Also, there is no contesting that ultimately from Judaeo-, Christian-, and Muslim- perspectives, Good will triumph over Evil. The contest between evil and good will not be perpetual. Since it will have a definite end, it is sub-eternal, clearly not eternal.

Between now and then however, there will be an implacable, dialectic, see-saw like, struggle between the Good and the Evil. Sometimes the Good will have the upper hand, other times Evil will seize the initiative, but the end result at the End of Time shall be a decisive victory of the forces of Good over those of Evil.

If we consider the sub-eternal struggle between Good and Evil as a cosmic game playing out, with mankind as direct participants, then there are five distinct positions of play fielded by either side. They are in no order, Thinkers, Doers, Un-doers, Defenders, and Bystanders.

The side of the Good has Thinkers, Doers, Un-doers, Defenders, and Bystanders. The side of Evil also has Thinkers, Doers, Un-doers, Defenders, and Bystanders.

Thinkers envision, formulate, and articulate knowledge, plans, methodologies, strategies, and operational methods for the advancement of their side’s interests. Possibilities others cannot readily contemplate are revealed and made manifest to them. They are like playmakers (midfielders)in football (soccer), who can see four or five moves ahead.

Doers are the people who make things happen. Naturally gifted and skillful, they are “realizateurs,” and implementors. They take the dreams and the intangible formulations of visionary thinkers and transform them into practical reality. They are formidable drivers of progress or retrogression depending on which side they belong. Doers either lift a people or they destroy a people.

Un-doers are people who stop things from happening. They are there to undermine the Doers of the side to which they belong. You can call them saboteurs or traitors to their side. When they are on the side of the good they sabotage the good and make the world a worse place. When they are on the side of evil, they sabotage the evil and make the world a better place.

Are Un-doers of Evil, Doers of Good? Are Un-doers of Good, Doers of Evil? These are fundamental philosophical questions worthy of deep contemplation and serious study.

Defenders are direct beneficiaries of the fruits of the side to which they belong. They are vociferous in defending the side to which they give allegiance. Whether out of laziness, or lack of natural endowments, or out of timidity, or out of a sense of self-preservation, they do not contribute much to the advancements of their side’s interest beyond verbal support and condemnation of the opposing side.

Bystanders are passive members of their side. When they find themselves on the side of the Good, they do nothing. When they find themselves on the side of the Evil, they also do nothing. Because they do nothing, it is difficult to ascribe them to any side. Their membership of either side is fluid. They drift from side to side, from Good to Evil and back, depending on the prevailing trade winds.

A choice between Good and Evil faces Nigeria at this time when it is in severe agony even as it is headed to crucial presidential elections. Nigeria is in agony because for far too long it has been led by Doers of Evil or by Un-doers of Good, and very rarely by Un-doers of Evil. Arguably, since Independence, Nigeria has never been led by a Doer of Good.

This is the first time a Doer of Good has had a credible chance of becoming President of Nigeria. That person is Peter Gregory Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party. Although not a Saint, his antecedents acclaimed by all bear witness to this claim. Will Nigerians vote wisely for a Doer of Good and shun the outright Doers of Evil or the Un-doers of Good who are his opponents? Time will tell.

We are watching.
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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