Ebonyi Elders Condemn Killings And Threats By Apc In Ebonyi State.

Charge Ebonyi People On Pvc Collection

By Monday Eze

Elders of Ebonyi State under the auspices of PDP Elders Council has condemned the violence, killings and threats by the All Progressives Congress in Ebonyi State. The council which comprised Ebonyi founding fathers and senior citizens from all parts of Ebonyi State handed down this condemnation after their inaugural meeting on Monday 30th January, 2023 in Abakaliki. Particularly, the elders condemned the unabating killing of Ebonyi people by All Progressives Congress leadership and her members in different parts of Ebonyi State like Edda in Afikpo South Local Government Area where they killed a total of seven persons including a police inspector, a pregnant woman and the unborn baby; and Isu in Onicha Local Government Area where they shot and killed an Ebonyi youth known as Aja during APC rally.

Speaking to newsmen after the inaugural meeting, the chairman of Ebonyi PDP Elders Council who was former Deputy Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly and former National Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party, Rt. Hon. Onwe S. Onwe, berated the All Progressives Congress for not having respect for human lives and rights. Onwe drew the attention of law enforcement agents in Ebonyi State to the threats being issued to the various clans of Ebonyi State by the APC and the harassment of the Director-general of PDP Governorship Campaigns in Ebonyi State, Chief Austin Igwe Edeze, by agents of All Progressives Congress in Ebonyi State who have continued to threaten him to resign his position; and called on security agencies to take proactive measures to protect Chief Edeze and other Ebonyians from the rampaging APC.

According to Chief Onwe, "As elders, we condemn the politics of violence as perpetrated by APC in Ebonyi State. In Edda alone, seven persons including a police inspector and a pregnant woman were killed in an APC factional fracas. A vibrant Ebonyi youth was murdered in cold blood in APC rally in Onicha Local Government Area. It is unfortunate that APC will be killing the people they seek to govern.

"This morning, Izzi youths belonging to APC besieged the home of the Director-general of PDP Governorship Campaigns, Chief Austin Igwe Edeze, and held him hostage in their bid to force him to resign his position and declare support for APC. Such conduct by a violent group like Ebonyi State chapter of APC is ominous and this council hereby charges Ebonyi State commissioner of police and other security agencies to ensure the protection of Chief Edeze.

"Finally, Ebonyi people are enjoined to be calm, ensure that they collect their permanent voters cards and vote for the array of credible and peace-loving candidates paraded by the PDP", he concluded.