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No doubt, Ekiti has become one of the most talked about states in Nigeria today. It is about the only state in the country that has two media houses dedicated to propagating negative reports about it. In one of the media house, there are editorial staffs and columnists dedicated to seeing to it that the assignment of painting Ekiti and its government black is effectively carried out. One of such hatchet writers is one Femi Orebe, a supposed indigene of Ekiti State, who is not known to anyone below 35 years in Are-Ekiti, his hometown. The other is “Idowu Akinlotan”, a pseudonym for one of the newspaper's top editorial staff.

For a very long time, I have stopped reading Femi Orebe's article.

First, a man who lives in Festac Town, Lagos and has lost touch with Are-Ekiti, his place of birth, having abandoned the town, including his dilapidated father's house for over 35 years, cannot be seen as making comments on Ekiti from an informed point of view. It only took the April 25, 2009 rerun governorship election for Orebe to visit Ekiti after abandoning the State for years. Even then, while election was going on in Are-Ekiti, his hometown, he was sitting comfortably in his hotel room in Ado-Ekiti, drinking coffee.

Second, I have been taken aback by the fact that his (Orebe) articles are always about Ekiti, Ekiti and Ekiti. He writes “passionately”

about Ekiti that you begin to ask yourself whether there are no issue to write about in other parts of the country. Third, I have searched my mind for just a single positive contribution that has been made by Orebe to Are-Ekiti in particular and Ekiti State in general but I have found none!

However, as much as I have tried to ignore Orebe and his colleagues who are in the business of Pull-Ekiti-PDP-led-government-down at all cost, his latest diatribe titled; “Ekiti: Our mothers cry out again”

that was sent to my mail box by a friend deserves a reaction.

Orebe, in trying to express the feelings of his paymaster choose to equate a statement issued by a supposed Ekiti Progressive Women Alliance to a cry by decent Ekiti women. To Orebe and his ilk, a press statement, which emanated from Fayemi's campaign office, was enough for him to once again, desecrate the peace-loving and decent women of Ekiti. The Action Congress (AC) women claimed that a former Chief Judge has promised to 'arrange' victory for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the Appellate Court.

“These women do not want to be twice shy having been once beaten when the AC in the State did not pay enough attention to PDP's boast then that President Jonathan, having served under his current Special Affairs Minister will return favours the latter did him earlier in his political career. I have personally received text messages from my readers naming two Kwara State indigenes, the governor inclusive, who are allegedly, spearheading the judicial purchase this time around,”

Orebe said.
In his words; President Goodluck Jonathan was the one, who influenced the Justice Hamman Barka tribunal judgment in favour of the PDP and Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara State and another unknown indigene of the State are the ones making moves to purchase judgment for the PDP in an appeal that is yet to commence.

No doubt, President Jonathan and Governor Saraki are two notable Nigerians, who are capable of defending themselves. Therefore, they do not need my defence. However, as a thoroughbred Ekiti man, I owe it a duty to defend our mothers, whenever they are being ridiculed by people whose only interest is the feathering of their political nests.

I did same when the same mothers, which Orebe called his, were paid to parade the streets of Ado-Ekiti naked!

In April 2009, our women were lined up naked, in front of wife of the AC governorship candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, running mate, Mrs. Funmi Olayinka, the party's woman leader, Mrs. Ronke Okusanya and other AC leaders, who were fully clothed. One of the naked women, I learnt was sent packing by her husband two days after the 'protest'.

Then, the AC people said our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters that they paid to parade the streets of Ado-Ekiti naked were protesting alleged rigging of the April 25, 2009 rerun governorship election while Fayemi's wife and running mate, who ought to be the most pained had their clothes on!

Today, Orebe and his other spin doctors are back in the game of ridiculing our mothers. They are using their name to lie against innocent Nigerians, including President Jonathan.

Ironically, it never occurred to the AC people that instead of helping them to propagate falsehood, it is almost certain that the spirit of Ekiti mothers that they gladly dehumanised would rather be placing curses on the heads of those who paraded them naked, took their pictures and got them published just to advance the course of their selfish political expansionist agenda.

It has been said several times that for an election to be seen as free and fair, it must be won by the AC hawks and for a judgment to be seen as justice, it must be in their favour. The general attitude of the AC is always to engage in negative and destructive propaganda rather than facing the merit of the action at hand. Therefore, one cannot be too bothered about Orebe's diatribe on the Justice Barka tribunal's majority judgment and the minority one read by Justices Adebara and Ogbuinya.

In the wisdom of the AC spin doctors, the majority judgment, which was neatly typed was the one written in a hurry, while the minority judgment, which was hand-written and was subjected to corrections while being read in the open court was the original judgment.

Also, to the double-faced democrats in the AC, a party can win an election petition case by just bringing stinking amputated leg to the tribunal even when the person, whose leg was amputated said with his own mouth that election at his polling unit was peaceful, free and fair. Or better still; an election petition can be won by just alleging that results were falsified even when no alternative results are presented.

Again, in the books of the AC, a Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) has the power to cancel an election duly conducted at the polling units, with results entered into Form EC8A, EC8B and EC8C. And like Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo, any REC, who refuses to carry out the illegality of cancelling an election already conducted, must be nailed to the cross.

It can never make sense to the AC spin doctors that even when they were the ones who went to town with the Ayoka's resignation story and also made sure that the woman's recant on the resignation falsehood was not published, Fayemi could not present a single copy of Ayoka's resignation letter at the tribunal. Again, when they had the option of dragging Ayoka and Olu Solomoni, her supposed Personal Assistant before the tribunal through subpoena, they never did. Yet, their spin doctors continued to use the purported resignation, which they orchestrated themselves to advance their course of discrediting the election.

But can any sane mind argue with them? Absolutely no! Honestly, a group of people, who believed that the right place for anyone to change N3 billion cash to dollars is Ogere Toll Gate, can as well say anything no matter how senseless. They therefore do not deserve the time of decent people and that, I believe must be the reason President Jonathan, Governor Saraki and Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo have elected to ignore them.

On my part, I would have also allowed them the freedom of continuous advertisement of their idiocy if only they had allowed our mothers, who they once desecrated to eat the sweat of their labour in peace.

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