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THE Showbiz industry had never favoured female practitioners much, to have not only survived but excelled on this difficult terrain for over 25 years is no mean achievement. For Onyeka Onwenu, the secret of her success lies with God.
An artiste cum politician, who a lot of people admire for her trademark, low cut hair style, especially with the grey spot on the front asked why she prefer this hairstyle.

“It is very convenient. If there is one thing I enjoy very much, it is a cold shower. I treasure water on my head everyday. Every now and then, I make braids but I always come back to my low cut. I am uncomfortable with long hair. My family likes me in low cut. “One time, I went for braids and my husband said, we don't like you like this, we love you without the braids.” Some women felt I dyed the grey sport initially but now that the grey is everywhere, what will they say?”
Is her husband so comfortable with her using the maiden name?
“He has never complained. I made a name for myself, quite early enough before I got married, changing my name might have been confusing. Aside that, should a woman hide behind a man's name to be termed successful? What happens to the

unmarried woman and single mothers?

Are the married ones better than them or do we crucify them because they are not married? We have a lot of them who are not married? We have a lot of them who are successful on their chosen fields. Really, as a lady, no man should stop you from fulfilling your God given destiny, if you allow a man to stop you, what will you tell God when you get back to Him?

How do you keep fit?

“I do a lot of exercise. I walk around where we live three times a week. I do some stretching and light aerobics in my room. That's it for me”.