By Lere Olayinka

Desirous for better service delivery from government officials to the

people, Ekiti State Government is to set up an Ombudsman Office to

handle complaints on government activities from members of the public.

Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Wale Ojo-Lanre said in a

statement made available to journalists today that Governor Segun Oni

approved the setting up of the Public Complaint Office to address

genuine misgivings from members of the public on government policies,

programmes and attitude of public officials to their duties.

He said; “highly competent personnel will be appointed to man the

Ombudsman Office while complaints will be addressed with utmost

diligence, sincerity and confidentiality.”
“It is an assurance from Mr. Governor that the ombudsmen will act as a

trusted intermediary between the government and the governed. They

will represent the interests of the public by investigating and

addressing complaints reported by individual citizens.

“Making a complaint to the Ombudsman Office will be free of charge but

complainants will be expected to back-up their complaints with sworn

affidavits so as to avoid frivolous petitions,” Ojo-Lanre said.

Speaking on the rationale behind the establishment of the Ombudsman

Office, the governor's spokesperson said; “Democracy is about people

having a say in how they are governed. The public must also be able to

check those in government by having an unbiased channel through which

they can make complaints whenever they are dissatisfied with any

public officer in the performance of his/her duties.”

Ojo-Lanre, who said information about the Ombudsman Office would be

made available to the public immediately it becomes operational urged

members of the public to afford themselves the unique opportunities of

the Ombudsman Office by channelling their grievances through it.