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Couple of months back when I talked on the topic - 'Is it a sin to be single?' This particular talk generated so much response from readers. There were so much text messages from people (males & females) who felt the same way I did. Some of the messages from the females were so encouraging and gave an insight how our society has contributed to make singles believe that 'Marriage' is the only way to life fulfillment and success. The tone of their messages also indicated how bold and optimistic the ladies are to live their lives to the fullest, single or not single. It is funny how the African society pass the buck to the female folks each time such a topic is raised up among a group of people so, I also appreciate the men who sent in encouraging text messages too.

The talk today is inspired from the responses and interactions I had with some ladies who narrated their stories of having tried so much to get something doing while waiting for marriage but to no avail. These ladies are willing to work, set up a skill or vocational trade. They demanded counselling on how to go about their lives which was or is at the verge of falling apart not because, they are not married but, due to inability to get something doing to earn a living. During my interaction, I discovered, counselling is not just all they need to move on but general support from the General Public.

So, BW ask - How can we make a difference in encouraging our singles (females) get busy and be self-reliant? Sometime ago, I met a young single mother (not married) in a beauty palour. She was a hairstylist and always carry her one-year-old baby to work with her. On this particular day, I was almost done with my hair when a middle aged woman walked in to do her hair. This stylist offered to do the woman's hair but she refused saying that she would wait for the single mother to finish my hair and attend to her. Fortunately enough, she was almost through with mine. That was my first day at the beauty palour so I left immediately I was done but kept thinking about the sharp reaction of that woman when other stylists approached her.

Two days later, I was in a shopping centre when I felt a gentle tap with-hi, how are you? I turned round and saw the same woman I met in the beauty palour who insisted the single mother stylist must do her hair. We stated talking about our work, women etc and before we part, I asked her why she chose or rather insisted on the single mother. She talked about how good and humble the lady is, how she does her job with out complains and mistakes and the fact that she is a single parent gives her concern as well. We exchanged cards and said our good byes.

One month later, I got a call from her inviting me to an occasion and she ended by saying, 'I saw on your business card 'Women Empowerment' as one of your services; please prepare a short speech as you come'. Before I could say something she said 'please do not decline, everything is arranged and you are our special guest'. I accepted the invitation moreso it's about Women!

When I got to the hotel, venue of the occasion, lo and behold sitting at a corner of the hall looking splendid and so happy was the single mother at the beauty palour (of course with her baby) I was thrilled and as my eyes locked with the host (by the way her name is Suzanne, a Malaysian.) she smiled, gave me a nod and thumb up. It happened the single mother was just a trainee at the beauty palor and just graduated and Suzanne decided to empower her by opening a private beauty salon, well equipped for her. FREE!

After the occasion, Suzanne and I sat down over some glass of red wine and I said, to her: 'Thumbs up for a job well done Ma-am! You have actually made a difference'. She replied, Thumbs up for you too Jacqui because you started it. After I talked with you at the shopping centre, I saw your passion about the African women; so much zeal and fire in you to uplift womanhood!

You inspired me so much and I admired your passion. So, when I thought about whom to empower, that single mother came to mind and she deserved it too.

Voila folks! What is your own take on this? Care to make a difference in someone's life? The above story is just one way someone can make a difference but there are so many ways you can do this thereby saving a soul.

BW is appealing to all well meaning Nigerians, foreigners living in Nigeria as well, to join hands so we can touch lives and make a difference. If this project touches your heart, feel free to contact me through my contact below. If you are also a lady who is at a crossroad on how to be useful to herself and society, with skills and willing to work hard to achieve this, you can contact me as well so we can enroll you as a beneficiary.

BW cares to make a difference! How about you?