The Importance of Celibacy

By Melanie Miller
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Many teen agers today feel that having intercourse is the way to go, the in thing to do. Well...I am here to say, that one can wait til they meet the right person, or wait til they are married. I am not married myself and have a man, but I made him wait for months before we engaged in any activity as this.

I think kids feel they need to be loved and in order to receive the love they need, as they may not be getting love at home they need from parents or a parent, then they engage in sexual activity.

It is important for them to seek counceling, or a therapist and talk about their problems they may be facing at home. And kids get into drugs as well, but this is an entirely different story here. I am talking about saving your body, for the right person.

One may feel they need to engage in sex and feel they need a baby as well, even though they are too young to have children.

Kids today have sex, in order to feel loved, but sex and love do not always go hand in hand. The kids may be used for sex and then cry about the person or persons using them for sex alone. They tend to become depressed, angry and take it out on kids at school.

One should remain celebate until they meet someone that respects them and loves them and cares for them.

No one needs to engage in sexual activity unless they love the person, and they should wear protection. With this day and age, there are many deseases they can get. I would not wish for any teen or adult to get a deadly desease, they can not get rid of.

There are people that do not care and will give a desease to anyone they meet. Take for instance, I have a cousin that told me about her friend traveling far away, from her home land. She met a man, and he handed her a box. He told her not to open it until she was on the plane, so she did as he instructed her to do. She opened the box, and was a mini coffin inside the box, and it said, "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Aids!" Two years later, she died of Aids. Now imagine this if you will. Think it over before having sexual intercourse, and think long and hard. Do you wish to get a deadly desease such as Aids? You can talk to a friend about the importance of celibacy, and talk about protection, and how it may save one's life. I used to date men, and made them wear protection, or no sex with them at all and then I made sure that the man was clean as well...but one can never tell, one may have a desease...that they can not get rid of, and give it to someone they love or do not care for at all.

All in all, celibacy is the way to go until you get to know that person or individual. Sex is a gift, and a precious gift at that. Don't abuse it and never allow anyone to use your body for sex alone. Make sure they or he or she cares for you, as a person, and make sure they use protection.

After all...your body is special and you need to insure they care for you. Don't just lay with anyone you see. Don't allow anyone to use you in any form or fashion either.

If you wish to make out with someone and just met them, do insure you bring a condom and then may be you will find it more safer, then just rolling in the hay with someone you just met.

Some teens' feel sex is the way to go, and that it solves matters, and that they feel it is good to sleep with the first person they just met. One needs to think it over before laying with a stranger. They could tell others what you did, belittle you, and shame you. You do not want your friends looking down on you, over foul remarks the other indiviual could say against you, now would you want this? would not.

One needs to insure they love the person or at least care for him or her, and then if you decide sex is the right choice for you, then make this decision on your own. Far be it, for me to tell you what to do.

It is your body and your life alone, and you need to be a grown up and think things through before being with the first person you meet. Take care of your body, as it is the only one you have.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I have written several articles and have a story published as well, entitled, Cadillac Cruising, and poems published. You too can make something of yourself and remember, having sex does not make you a better person and sex should be shared with someone you love and care for. Remember this. Yes celibacy may be the way to go for now, take care of yourself, and your health and using precaution is the route to go. You live only once, so make wise decisions and take life as a precious gift, and always insure by asking yourself if this is something you really want to do. Do not let others force you into sex, and then lie on you and say cruel and callous things about you after they had their way with you. Give it some time, before engaging in any sexual activity, but only you can make this choice and you alone.