Pa Tinubu Was Clearly Indicted In America But He Opted For A Plea Bargain

By Azubuike Ihemeje, Esq

Still, that does NOT exculpate him from the guiltiness of being a former illicit drug drug dealer once indicted, always indicted

Until you insist on proving your innocence before the court. That is the hallmark of American Adversarial criminal justice system.It’s not the same with the Nigeria Inquisitorial system of ; you’re innocent until proven guilty. No way!

In America na you go hussle your innocence by yourself in court. A criminal indictment in USA is almost equivalent to conviction in Nigeria because our criminal justice system is quite different from the Americans.

So, on plead bargain, you must not necessarily be charged and arraigned before a Court for trial before You can secure a plea bargain.

There are lots of quasi plea bargain within the prosecuting authorities that could take place, without necessarily appearing in criminal trial before the court.

Provided always that such prosecuting authority would later submit whatever that must have been Forfeited to the court for proper records. This was exactly the case of Pa Tinubu in America.

He was clearly indicted by criminal prosecuting authority. Pa Tinubu, knowing how much he’s deeply involved and culpable of the crime, quickly opted for the lesser and most convenient means of plea bargain with the criminal prosecuting authority, without necessarily appearing in court.

Pa Tinubu’s quasi plea bargain outside court was later submitted to court for adoption. That’s why it became a public document, which anybody can easily obtain Certified True Copies from, just like that copy flying around social media.

In overall, Pa Tinubu was indicted for the crime of dealings in illicit drugs. He too admitted it, and accepted a plea bargain in accordance with American criminal jurisprudence.

America practice Adversarial legal system of criminal justice - An adversarial system is a system where the parties of a case each present their arguments to compete for the agreement of either a judge or jury. This is the primary criminal case system used in the United States.

It’s quite different from the Inquisitorial system of Nigeria- wherein you’re presumed innocent until proven guilty by court.

It follows that, in America, the moment you’re indicted by a criminal investigation or prosecuting authority, you are deemed guilty until you proof your innocence in court.

But if you plead for forfeiture of the proceeds of crime before the prosecuting authority, you have simply admitted guilty of the crime.

The prosecuting authority will simply document your pleas and reconcile every forfeiture processes and revert back to the court for records purposes. This is just where to situate Pa Tinubu’s criminal drug case indictment.

Please, kindly send this message to Festus Keyamo, so that he’ll stop misleading himself and innocent impressionable Nigerians he’s leading astray with falsehoods.

Please tell Keyamo that he did not read his own laws in the moon.

All of us studied these laws too
The difference is that we’re not interested to defend indicted criminals!