The Reason Is Out: The Rift Between Kemi Olunloyo And Davido

By Agboola Ibrahim

Kemi Olunloyo, a Nigeria controversial journalist has revealed what seemed the reasons she has not been in good terms with Davido.

In Kemi's revelation, she described how very hurtful it is for her to be disgraced by someone (Davido) she took part in his growth: changed his diapers.

Kemi said this,: Nobody knows the hurt of being disgraced in front of 7m on tweeter. I can't let go. I changed your diapers, fed you and 27 yrs later I'm a cheap drug user, mad woman and should go oil my pussy. I haven't seen Davido since his mom's funeral 10 years ago.

Although, it could be recalled that Davido lashed out at Kemi Olunloyo when he said “Old ass woman needs some dick. I can tell it’s been a while, you’re quite rusty down there, and it needs oiling”, Davido responded.”