Tokens, Pittance, Crumbs & Loans Not Designed To Rescue Africa 

By Farouk Martins Aresa

Africans spend more of their time over the centuries defending their Empires, Continent and Civilization from slave raiders looking for cheap labor than capturing others as slaves. Looking for excuses to blame the victims for their own impoverished status is not even close to the reasons Africa remained impoverished. We must admit what it is true; that Africans must confront their own self-inflicted demons.

However, the outside enablers willing to aid and abet Vagabonds-In-Power in their self-interest, make progress regressive. Of course their self-interest comes before African interest, making African progress harder to achieve. Africans' main focus for survival has shifted to what others can do for us and less on what we can do for ourselves. It boils down to what an individual can use his God-endowed talents for, instead of victimizing his neighbors.

Nevertheless, what do you call leaders who went outside the African Continent for odious loans, aid and pittance they pocket, using African natural resources as collateral? It must be noted that this dependence attitude is not limited to Africans, but we are the only Continent where we treat ourselves worse or sell less than outsiders are willing to pay us.

The first lady Italian incoming Far-right Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, had blasted France for how they underdeveloped African countries rather than making Africans wealthy at home. There is no way to sooth and justify greed and guilty conscience with tokens, pittance and crumbs.
Africans getting any of these foreign-aids to sell out their country are cutting their noses to spite their faces. This is how our Youths have been captured by selling themselves out to any country. The supply chain, like the food chain, is real and Africa remains at the bottom of the global feeding chain. Any country in other continents knows Africa is the place to go for cheap labor, materials and products.

Animal Farm by George Orwell's revolt needs to happen within African countries before we can confront countries that keep Africa at the bottom of their "Food Chain". Call it sarcasm or irony when the same leaders ask for loan forgiveness from the lenders that know they cannot pay back; just to default on their land exporting talents. It gets worse, these leaders and their families spend the money exchanged recklessly in lending countries to boost foreign economy.

Loan forgiveness is not in the interest of lenders. Tokens, pittance and aid that make them look good is in their interest. While global poverty has decreased considerably, it has slowed in sub-Saharan Africa as the face of Poverty has shifted from Asia; regardless of odious loans for lack of development.

As long as we look to others to build a society that we cannot build for ourselves, we as a people, regardless of the hard working ones among us, will fall short as Africans. The reason is not far-fetched because as African conscientious achievers take two or three steps forward, losers drag us four or six steps backwards. No matter how much wealth is created in a family, nation or country, it only takes a few prodigals (Yoruba call Akotileta) to squander the wealth.

We know them by their fake generosity and crocodile tears in sympathy with the poor while they ravage the spoils of poverty and war they created in the first place. They justify their actions by any means claiming the situation could have been worse but for them. Indeed, these soulless people and their local accomplices turn land that flows with milk and honey to barren land. We see them throw money and food into a crowd struggling to outdo one another.

Whenever a man spends like a drunken sailor without thinking about how to replenish or increase the family wealth by investing in productive adventures, the family or country goes down the tube. The days of manna from heavens are gone and replaced by credit cards that get you hooked so that you can keep on paying back forever. It is one thing to obtain credit to buy a house as an investment to make you free of rent but to get credit to satisfy immediate avarice and expendable toys will make you a slave forever. The more you pay, the more you owe.

Profit is essential for innovation, growth and a progressive society. On the other hand, the same Profit can be abused in the hands of obsessive individuals with greed and domineering behavior. While there are extreme, and many times, ulterior motives for Profit, the society culture determines excessive profit bordering on usury or criminality. There are individuals intentionally fabricating fake products to make profits.

Fortunately, people do make money from great ideas and natural opportunities provided by needs in the community. We create abundant food supply from natural soil or energy from the sun. Science is always discovering and inventing ways to increase demand for products and services. As dedicated people work day and night to produce, swindlers of international proportions are looking for ways to defraud and deny hard working folks the sweat off their brow.

Only a hungry man knows the pinch of death. Unless you are in his shoes, you do not know where it hurts. You can empathize with someone but sympathy is in the eyes of the suffering. When you empathize with the poor, basic needs like food, schools, means of sustenance are created to support one another and affordable shelter are planned with infrastructure. It is not handouts but creative selfless economic incentives where honor comes before money grab.

Please do not be too hard on the poor for praising Stomach Infrastructure to satisfy the hunger of the day. Indeed, the reason for using hunger as a weapon in the first place is to control our behavior. Blame them for exchanging their votes for daily hunger in the hands of politicians to become hungry for the following four years. Hunger makes us cast unreasonable votes in order to gain from the moment without thinking of the consequences.

Anyone that gets up in the day thinking about how he can dispossess neighbors of the fruit of their sweat and blood is a parasite. Only children, the weak and the old after their hard labor are supposed to depend on the society. Children watch and learn the culture of morality, hard work and responsibility from their communities. Most of the ones that behave accordingly build their society for the ones coming after them. Like every society, the ones falling by the wayside are not chosen to build their society.

Farouk Martins Aresa @ooaresa

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