Goodseed Daily Devotional 23rd September 2022

By Good News Bible Church London
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Apostle George and Chika Amadi (Lead Pastor: Goodnews Bible Church, London)

Vs1 And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab,As the Lord GOD of Israel liveth,before whom i stand,there shall not be dew nor rain these years,but according to my word.

Take note of the following .
1.Standing in his presence is a fellowship of knowing God in person and experiencing the power of God in action Daniel 11:32.

2.Standing in his presence is a fellowship of singing praise and worship to God from a pure and sincere heart and God releasing clear instruction. Acts 13:1-4.Rev.11:16-17.

3.Standing in his presence is a fellowship of intimacy in oneness through love and humility without any opposition Isaiah 40:31.

Conditions for standing before the Lord.
1.Relationship with God- Roman 8:16,John3:3,7.
2.Lover of truth and Righteousness – Psalm 15:1-3,Psalm24:3-4.

3.Obeying God even when it seems foolish. 1Kings 17:3-5.

Reasons for Standing before the Lord.
1.Divine Communication enables hearing clearly 1Kings17:2.

2.Receiving Power to declare his counsel 1Kings17:1.

3.Receiving Direction Roman 8:14,1Kings17:3,7.
4.becoming a Glory Carrier and a blessing Exodus 34:29-35.

Benefits of standing before the Lord
1.Assurance of Divine Protection Heb13:5,Roman 8:31.

2.Divine backing from the Lord. Job 22:28-29,Eccl8:4.

3.Kingly Celebration Isaiah 62:1-3,Prov 22:29.
4.High Flier no more limitations. 2Kings1:9-15.
5.Control over your enemies 2Kings6:15-19,2Cor6:17-18.

6.Total eradication of your enemies 1Kings18:40,Luke19:27.

in Conclusion:it takes boldness to stand before his divine presence,and it’s only with right standing(righteousness)you can access such privileges. You can’t serve God with double heart,one leg in Christ and the other in the wonder Joshua shouted choose you this day whom you will serve,Christianity is a personal race and relationship with the father through Christ.

1.Oh lord help me to have a right standing before you in Jesus precious name,amen.

2.Lord take away anything making me to serve you with double mind n Jesus powerful name, amen.

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