Wife Chasing Husband And Side-chick Dies In Road Crash

By Damilare Adeleye
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A Calabar woman has reportedly died in a road accident while monitoring the movement of her husband and his side chick.

It was learnt that the lone accident which involved a Toyota Highlander occurred on Murtala Muhammed Highway in Calabar, on Sunday, September 18, 2022.

It was also learnt that the woman had sighted her husband and his alleged mistress taking a ride in his car and she immediately drove along to monitor their movement.

Unfortunately due to her over-speeding according to officials of the FRSC, she rammed her vehicle into a three and this resulted in her death.

The Cross Rivers Sector Commander, Maikano Hassan, disclosed that the lone woman was in a hot chase of her husband over his alleged mistress when she knocked herself out.

In his words, “Though the woman was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, but she was said to have died few minutes later due to the injury sustained from the incident.”

A source who explained the incident further, said that the woman sighted her husband leaving the SPAR shopping mall in the company of another female and she decided to chase them in the Toyota Highlander she was driving in.

“Her husband was said to have manoeuvred his vehicle out of the attempted blockade then took the Murtala Muhammed highway, with his wife in serious pursuit.

“In a bid to outrun her husband, she lost control of the speeding vehicle, veered off the road and slammed the vehicle on a tree, damaging the vehicle beyond repairs and also killing herself,” the source disclosed.