Son Of Late Billionaire, Chief Anthony Olujinmi Lawanson Raises Alarm Over Attempts On His Life By His Brother Former Commissioner Of Transport Lagos State Ladi Lawanson Over Their Late Fathers Assets….

By Sunday Adebayo

Gbolahan Lawanson is one of the Sons of Prominent Business Mogul Chief AO l Lawanson.. Who died sometime in 1998. Apparently since the death of the Patriach their brother Ladi Lawanson, who became a commissioner under former Governor Ambode, had been stripping the family off its assets and selling at discount prices

Most of the family members did not realize what Ladi Lawanson was doing till his exposure by his younger brothers, Gbolahan Lawanson.

In his attempts to cover up the monumental stealing and in turn destroying the legacy their hard working father left behind, Ladi apparently acquired the services of AIG ADELEKE as an accomplice to achieve his selfish aims.

Seeing Gbolahan as the arrowhead to the opposition against his continuous looting he decided on a plan to arrange false petitions against him, so that the AIG ADELEKE can use to cage him while they both use their power to loot the family wealth dry.

We gathered reliably that recently at a family meeting chaired by their elder sister, Gbolahan Lawanson exposed the monumental stealing by Ladi that runs into over a billion naira. The entire family was shocked at the revelation. When the elder sister looked into the stripped assets, and this led to Ladi’s desperation to get rid of anyone blocking his way.

“At a Family meeting held on the 23rd of January 2022, by siblings, post their Mother’s Funeral rites of January 21st, 2022, Gbolahan Lawanson was asked to render financial and other accounts of the family assets being managed directly by him. Which he duly gave accounts as advised and handed the assets in his possession to their elder Sister. Right there and then he noted that as part of the family assets, over three (3) acres of vast land worth the sum of N650million, company shares in various blue chip companies in their Late Father’s name, worth the sum of N250 million, the sum of N100 million lease rentals resulting from the lease of the family’s petrol station to Total Nigeria and the sum of N20 Million lease rentals resulting from the lease of the roof-top to the family’s property situated at No. 8 Lawanson Road, Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos, to Globacom Limited for construction of their communications mast, are all unaccounted for and were directly handled by Ladi Lawanson (Ladi). It was also indicated that Ladi should be asked to render accounts for these assets. From the day he (Ladi) was instructed to render the stated accounts, Ladi vowed to deal decisively with Gbolahanand use all the power he has and connection to get rid of him. He boasted that he has ‘friends’ in the police force and that he was going to have Gbolahan locked up and gotten rid of “ the source hinted.

A Family source who would like to be anonymous, claims that Ladi and Gbolahan became bitter enemies when Ladi tried to evict their late brothers Wife from their brothers home two months after the death of their elder brother Rotimi. This action infuriated Gbolahan who vehemently opposed Ladi’s action. It got so bad that when Gbolahan was contesting an election last year, his brother Ladi, was his fierce opponent. Who went as far as to team up with the opposing camp to fight against him.

These and other expose was what led to Gbolahan’s manhandling and illegal arrest by the AIG Adeleke, whom we gathered Ladi had used for his hatchet job to deal with Gbolahan as he had earlier boasted.

“We gathered that on the 24th of May, 2022, Gbolahan was invited to visit the office of the Assistant Inspector General of Police (A.I.G) Adeyinka Adeleke, on the pretext that the A.I.G. wanted to mediate between the two brothers (Ladi Lawanson & Gbolahan). The opposite was the case as we learnt that upon his arrival to the A.I.G’s office in courteous compliance with the received invitation, he was confronted with over eight (8) people, with some of them being unknown to him, brandishing petitions against him. The petitions had never been served prior to the invitation. These people included representatives of Globacom Limited, Vixen Enterprises and a lawyer representing Mr Akin Lawanson.

Akin Lawanson is late chief lawanson’s brother, who also has a questionable character with pending court cases of forgery of documents. These people were all present at the A.I.G.’s office, alleging that Gbolahan threatened their lives, all of this as a game plan of Ladi.

Without listening to Gbolahan’s side of the story, The A.I.G Adeleke looked at him directly and said ‘I WILL DEAL WITH YOU AND TEACH YOU A LESSON’. He then ordered the Commander of the Monitoring Team to detain him with a “NO BAIL’ option. “I was there, locked up in a cell at Zone 2 Police Quarters at Onikan, Lagos on the 24th of May, 2022, prevented from contacting my Lawyers neither was I allowed to inform my Wife of my whereabouts. I was held for 20 hours at the prison cell with no access to water nor food”. Gbolahan told us in a telephone conversation.

He said further that he was also taken to tinubu magistrate court paraded like a criminal, and this was Ladi’s mission to really deal with him if he had been remanded in the prison.

“On the morning of 25th May, 2022, I was driven to Tinubu Magistrate court by six (6) heavily armed policemen and paraded like a criminal. The intention of the police was for me to be further detained at the Ikoyi Prisons pending bail application. The case has been scheduled for hearing on June 20th, 2022”.

Speaking further, Gbolahan told this news medium that, “I also note that Ladi Lawanson had informed me directly that being a former Commissioner of Transport of Lagos State, he has acolytes everywhere. In this regard, I submit that Ladi Lawanson acquired the services of A.I.G Adeyinka Adeleke and the instrumentality of the A.I.G.’s office to harass and detain me unlawfully”.

“I cannot be intimidated on my birthright neither would I let anybody disinherit my younger ones or anybody else in the family”

It is a situation that has united all of the Lawanson’s against Ladi, even though most of them were too young to oppose Ladi when their father died in 1998.

Gbolahan who is quite successful on his own right is known to be a people’s man and has a large grass roots following in Lawanson/Surulere environs .His popularity apparently is also a threat to his brother who is known to be a close ally to a top politician, which we gathered is the forces he has always lay claims on to deal with anyone that crosses his path.