Open Letter To Ebonyi State  pdp Gubernatorial Delegates

Source: Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin
Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin
Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin

Dear Delegates,
I come to you with humility and respect.
Over the past one year, I have been in touch with you over my desire to get your Mandate to fly the flag of our Party, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the Ebonyi State governorship election in 2023.

I have presented my summary manifesto to you. I have spoken to you. I have interacted with you one on one. You have known me directly and indirectly. I did not come to you just because I wanted to be Governor. I came to you much long ago to provide some support to you having given me your Mandate to the National Assembly, even before the process for the Governorship was open. I did not provide constituency support to only my constituents and constituency, but to many Ebonyians in different parts of the State.

When I nursed the feeling to Rescue Ebonyi State from its present situation and communed with God for His nud, I was the only one in this race who started my consultation with you over a year ago. I reached out to everyone of you even in the remotest villages and wards.

You have had opportunity to listen to all us in the race. You have the opportunity to make a decision. I know that so much money have been projected by some of the contestants. Yet, I know that Ebonyi is not for sale to the highest bidder, because, our experience in the past seven and half years is an indication that to sell our vote is to give away our power to the merchant. To cast your vote to elect a flag bearer for our party to reclaim Ebonyi from the ruling APC should not be by how much you are given but who has capacity, compassion, accommodation, charisma and quality to Rescue our dear state.

You know our antecedents. Judge me by my antecedents. I have never promised to build a bride where there is no river. But I promise to restore security and peace in Ebonyi. I promise to bridge the gap in wealth creation and ensure all Ebonyians are happy. I promise to empower the young people and rebuild our educational system. I promise to restore the dignity of every man and transform the state civil service. I promise every delegate in this election that they will be foundation upon which my government will stand. This is novel in our State.

My dear Delegates, amidst all the promises you have heard and different characters you have encountered in our Consultations, you know the truth. We have had six governorship elections since 1999 and you are conversant with those rhetorical presentations.

But one good thing about 2023 governorship election in Ebonyi State is that our eyes are open and we can discern the truth from lies and deceit from honesty. I know we are going to use 3-man delegates list. The mission is same and that is to Rescue Ebonyi. It's not about the source of your membership of the delegate list but the future of Ebonyi.

I have been honest with you from the beginning. I did not come to you with sachs of money because I know your conscience cannot be bought with money. I also know that Ebonyi State is not for sale. I equally know that our delegates cannot give their mandate to anyone because of money. I know our Delegates are decent and understand that our Party wants to Rescue Nigeria and Ebonyi State and cannot fall cheaply for Esau's plate of poridge.

Governance is ensuring that Delegates are not treated as recharge cards, used and dumped. Delegates should be part and parcel of the administration they voted for from Delegates election to main election to the administration of the government. That is my covenant with you and it shall never be reneged.

As we come together to select/elect one among us, the aspirants, to lead our party into the governorship election in March 2023, I once again ask you to offer me the privilege to hold our Party's flag. I will deliver. Our Administration will Rescue Ebonyi State and make the state safe and peaceful for Ebonyians.

I am coming to Rescue Ebonyi and bring a breathe of Fresh Air. That is why I didn't promise to double any money given to you by any other aspirant because I want to serve and work for you. That is why I did not go to borrow Billions of naira to buy this delegates votes and sell the state to those who borrowed the money to me. No! Ebonyi State is not for sale.

My antecedents qualify me to go for our Party. I am a messenger of God to Rescue Ebonyi state. God doesn't chose the qualified, He qualifies the one He has chosen.

THE FUTURE OF EBONYI STATE IS IN YOUR HANDS, LET US RESCUE THE STATE AND BRING A BREATHE OF FRESH AIR. I AM READY TO WORK AND SERVE YOU...I am not going to be a governor of Ebonyi Central, Ebonyi South, Ebonyi North, nor Governor of Ezza, Izzi or Ikwo. I am going to be the governor of Ebonyi State..

God bless the Ebonyi State PDP Delegates. God bless our great Party. God bless Ebonyi State.

I am,
Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin
Governorship Aspirant,
Ebonyi 2023.