Imo State: Mbaitoli House of Assembly Aspirant, Brother Beat APC Exco Member To Coma, Uses Chains, Other Weapons Freely On Him

By The Nigerian Voice

One of the aspirants contesting to represent Mbaitoli State Constituency at Imo State House of Assembly, Chinasa Opara with his younger brother, Charles Opara have been accused of attempted murder against one of the All Progressives Congress Ward Executive member, Clinton Nnadi popularly known as "Young C".

According to reports, Nnadi was attacked shortly after a meeting with the party stakeholders.

Nnadi said it was after the meeting, which he was one of the invitees that his assailants confronted him for writing against the House of Assembly hopeful.

According to one of the leaders who spoke on the condition of anonymity, some thugs believed to have been hired by the aspirant with his brother had taken Nnadi to the back of the house pinning him down while Charles started flogging him with Chain even as he released guard dogs to keep watch so as to prevent him from fighting back.

Nnadi was said to have collapsed while fighting for life until the intervention of some stakeholders who heard the cry of the victim of the alleged political violence.

When our reporter reached out to the victim, he said it was only by God's grace that he survived the torture and wickedness.

The trauma stricken Nnadi was shaking, talking with trembling lips even as tears flowed freely down his cheeks intermittently. His eye socket is broken and covered with a cotton wool. His eye linings have turned back. His skin at the back, ribs and arms has coloured pigments and have all been disoriented with darkening of the skin caused by blood cloth. Some spots are seen with open wounds. Nnadi in fact looked like a resurrected buried being after a Golgotha experience despite covering himself with a top body white cover.

Narrating his ordeal he said: "Mr. Chinasa had called for a meeting of the APC Stakeholders, which the Secretary also sent me an invite. I went for the meeting and after the meeting, the aspirant's younger brother called me out with some weird looking boys.

"I was not afraid despite our political differences because we are of the same Community. Getting there he accused me of opposing his brother who he said has complained bitterly. They accused me of writing against his brother.

"The said write-up I understand was written by one Dike Who I never knew from Adam. Before I knew it, he started flogging me with chain and as I made to defend myself, he called in the thugs who broke bottles pinning me down while threatening to kill me if I ever dare raise a hand. I was shouting because of excruciating pains.

He also released guard dogs which were aggressively backing at me. He kept flogging me with chains and every weapon his hand could reach until I passed out.

"I only woke up to see some leaders who had come to my rescue. As if that was not enough, in the pool of my own blood, he bundled me into their vehicle and took me to the police station where I was accused of evading their house for robbery. All these were in a bid to cover up his murder intent.

"It was when my Uncle learnt of it, he quickly ran to Orie-Mbieri Police Station where I was bleeding and was gasping for breath as I was losing blood. He asked the DPO what happened if he ever investigated the matter. On sighting my uncle, Charles ran away. I was released unconditionally.

"All I want is justice." Meanwhile, Nnadi said he was going back to Federal Medical Centre for proper check up so as to prevent any health challenges that might arise from the torture.

He also said his two phones were taken from him even as he challenges his assailants to produce the evidence with which the they have against him as the writer of the alleged diatribe. "They have been holding on to my two phones. They said they have evidence from MTN that I was the writer. I want them to prove me wrong. I never wrote anything against Chinasa.

"The man I was supporting has withdrawn and why would he want to kill me for doing nothing against him?".

Mbaitoli APC Members are asking for disqualification of Chinasa for masterminding the wickedness against Nnadi otherwise, they will withdraw their support from APC or any other candidate from any party.

They called on the Mbaitoli LG APC Chairman, the APC State Chairman and Governor Hope Uzodimma to intervene and ensure that Justice is served.