The Message Of May 29th By The Fulani Oligarchy To Other Ethnic Nationalities In Nigeria.

By Remi Oyeyemi

May 29 as a day and date has no significance to many Nigerians until the Fulani oligarchy imposed it on us in 1999.

For those who lived through those times, there was nothing that was so urgent about returning to democracy that could not wait until October 1, in 1999.

But because the Fulani oligarchy was determined to send a subtle message of conquest to the rest of us, they carapaced a chancy Constitution that is tendentiously criminal in all ramifications for the Country.

They chose a date and day that was and is still significant to them, May 29.

May 29 was the day that the city of Constantinople fell in 1453 AD to the Ottoman Empire.

Constantinople was the capital of Byzantine Empire. The fall of that city was the culmination of a 53-day siege which had begun on 6 April 1453. The Muslims of Ottoman Empire renamed it Istanbul as is today in Turkey.

Days and Dates are very significant in History. They are very symbolic of and to human aspirations, desires and hopes.

They serve as inspirations and milestones of the struggles of man over the vicissitudes of life that seek to subjugate his spirits.

May 29 has no meaning or relevance to the ethnic nationalities that form the Constituent Units (CU) trapped in the contraption called Nigeria.

The rest of us must wake up and smell the coffee before we are totally enslaved and our History becomes something else.

Oòduà Nation must meet its manifest destiny and come into its own.

The Sun of Biafra must rise from the bosom of the East.

The Middlebelters must unite for their own liberation.

The South-southerners must keep their eyes on the ball of freedom.

Constant vigilance is the price of liberty.
Nigeria must meet its destiny of balkanization.
©Remi Oyeyemi
Omo Ekùn

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