The Fresh Air That Anayo Edwin Brings Into Ebonyi Politics

By Monday Eze
Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin
Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin

Since the beginning of democratic dispensation in Ebonyi State, politics has been largely a game of brawn and brain. Beyond the congnitive and psychomotor traits of Ebonyi politics, it is bereft of affective content. Consequently, prospective players of Ebonyi politics hone only their cognitive and psychomotor arsenals without paying attention to the affective ingredients of politics. This was why the only power rotation agreement in the history of Ebonyi State reached in January, 1996 at by a broad spectrum of Ebonyi founding fathers like Eze (Dr.) Agom Eze, Chiefs Martin Elechi, Felix Mgbada, Chris Nwankwo and Anthony Eko, Dr. Peter Nwankwo among others was rendered stillborn by people of Ebonyi North using military connection. That the host of the meeting where the power rotation agreement or Ebonyi charter of equity was reached participated in its violation in 1999 speaks volumes on the lack of affective content in Ebonyi politics!

With that unwholesome foundation in 1999, Ebonyi politics became a theartre of the absurd. The six gubernatorial elections so far conducted in the history of Ebonyi State had all the trappings of fratricidal wars: Each was extremely contested by all the senatorial districts in Ebonyi State. Severe violence with human and material casualties characterized all the elections. Contestants craved extraneous neo-colonial influences, mortgaged the state through pre-election concessions of Ebonyi collective patrimony. Thugs were bred and nurtured into critical stakeholders in Ebonyi politics. Many of thugs have been goaded, unprepared, into sensitive political aspirations like the 2023 gubernatorial election by selfish and malevolent godfathers. That these thuggish aspirants have neither plans nor visions for Ebonyi people does not matter to their sponsors who take no interest in the wellbeing of Ebonyi people. All these culminated into the present democratic irony where Ebonyi demoracy has become autocratic in substance. This is further compounded by executive deceits and denials of the daily pains which Ebonyi people experience and the profession of the comfort that Ebonyi people lack.

However, within the disordered desert which Ebonyi political milieu has become, an oasis of an orderly, prosperous and peaceful Ebonyi State is not only in the offing but within view and feasible. The harbinger of this new Ebonyi State which Ebonyi people have long craved for is the Anayo Edwin 2023 Gubernatorial project otherwise known as Rescue Ebonyi 2023 or Ikuku Ndu. Political pundits marvel at the unending infectious acceptance which trail Iku Ndu 2023 Gubernatorial project Ebonyi State. One is often asked: What is the magic driving the foracious Anayo Edwin 2023 Ebonyi Gubernatorial project also known as Ikuku Ndu (Breathe of Fresh Air)?

The cardinal force behind Ikuku Ndu is God's grace. Anayo Edwin is was conceived, born and nurtured in grace. Having matured, he is not departing from it. His faith in God moves mountains; while his humility qualifies him for the manifestation of God's ever sufficient grace. In Luke 1:57, the Lord put down the proud and mighty; and exalted the humble! God is the magic in and behind Anayo Edwin's gubernatorial project!

At the human level, Anayo Edwin embodies a number of rare qualities which endear him to people: Anayo Edwin is about the only guber aspirant with a coherent, feasible and elaborate Economic Development Masterplan, EDM, for Ebonyi State. It is not the usual assemblage of foreign templates. Rather, Edwin's Ebonyi EDM is an autochthonous plan made for existing prospects and challenges in Ebonyi State. It is realizable and Edwin is urging Ebonyi people to hold his anticipated administration, when it begins, to account on it.

Another magic driving Anayo Edwin's gubernatorial project is the overflowing affective content of his character and style of politics: He follows all men including his rivals and their supporters with peace and charity. He plays his politics without bitterness and violence. He has been honoured by Ebonyi youths and Southeast chapter of Association of Political Science Students, respectively, for his non-violent political career in Ebonyi State. His Ebonyi 2023 gubernatorial project is markedly peaceful and diplomatic. Unlike many public office-holders, Anayo Edwin is neither greedy nor selfish. Contentment and generousity run in his blood. He happily maintains his lane in the radar of life, congratulating those above him, cheering those in his status and encouraging those below him with ideas and his personal resources to ensure that they progress. Over the years, Anayo Edwin has proved to be an excellent manager of public trust, a radical investor in humanity and an open book.

A personification of pristine humility, Anayo Edwin wants to lead Ebonyi State, not because he knows it all. Rather, he seeks a partnership with Ebonyi people to sincerely harness the rich human and natural resources of Ebonyi State and change Ebonyi State's present status of the poverty capital of Southeastern Nigeria to the most prosperous state in Nigeria.

A follower of the amazingly infectious traffic of support for the unassuming Anayo Edwin 2023 Ebonyi gubernatorial project as currently revealed by the ongoing local government tour of the Ikuku Ndu team has described Anayo Edwin as the political "earthworm" of Ebonyi State. The earthworm is armless and invertebrate, but with grace, it burrows into the earth unaided. Anayo Edwin is new, untainted, unassuming; and with almighty God as his father and Ebonyi masses as his endorsers. Anayo Edwin personfies a vista of enthralling opportunities. He represents a new and ordered beginning in Ebonyi politics. Anayo Edwin is the breath of reinvigorating fresh air (Ikuku Ndu) that Ebonyi people have long craved.