Yule, You’ve Broken Your Wife’s Heart, And Became Famous For The Wrong Reason!

By Sandra Ijeoma Okoye

There is no denying the fact that Nigeria is full of different people with multifaceted backgrounds. Each person has a life story to tell, and as interesting as everyone’s life may seem, only few people gets the spotlight in the media, some for the right reasons and others for the wrong reasons.

Given the nauseating stories that emerged for public consumptions that was decades ago, most people in the spotlight were famous because they possessed incredible talents, unique backgrounds or had achieved amazing feats. However, today with the internet and social media, anyone has the chance to put himself or herself out there for the entire world to see. Before the internet, the chances of becoming famous were minimal, but now that it exists, it is easier to put oneself out there on virtual space; either by posting a pornographic flick were he or she is seen to be the protagonist, kill your wife or impregnate a woman, have a baby through her without seeking the consents of both families as tradition demands, and get the public informed on Instagram page. Disappointingly, one of the foregoing is unarguably what Yule Edochie did that he has since the day the scandal made its way to media landscape with screaming headlines that he has not stopped telling whoever cares to listen that he never knew he was more popular and loved by Nigerians than he thinks. Without any iota of exaggeration, he now sees himself as popular as late Michael Jackson.

In fact, with the internet, a controversial story can be posted on any of the social media platforms. Because of this, the audience size increased, and thus the story goes viral, thereby increasing a person’s fame. This is how some people became famous or viral for the wrong reasons, and I feel that it has become a worrisome issue. But why would anyone focus his or her attention on a person that is trending for the wrong reason on social media platforms, rather than a person who has made a huge difference? Prior to the conceptualization and production of this write up, yours sincerely read online about the girl that sees nothing wrong in sleeping with a dog.

Permit me to say that I was inspired to express this view as the Nollywood actor has continued to disseminate posts that suggest he is bragging about his ill-earned fame without being remorseful for marrying a second wife.

In a post made on his Instagram page, Edochie had said he never knew he could break the internet as he did with the scandal.

Gladly enough for this writer, while reacting to his post, some of the fans expressed regret that while the actor had painted a beautiful marriage through his posts in recent times, he has broken their hearts as a result of the announcement of his second marriage to Actress Judy Austin.

Yul, who is the youngest son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie, was reported to have had an extramarital affair with Judy during which the actress became impregnated and bore him a son.

Taking to his social media, the actor stated that he has been acting for years, got the best voice, supported youths, joined EndSARS, and even decided to run for presidency.

However, he expressed regret that none of these activities have broken the internet than the fact that he decided to take a second wife.

His post which was made in pidgin reads, “So I fit break Internet like this? So I can get over 60k comments on one post? But I dey act film, dey give una Hollywood performances since una no send me. Best voice, una no send me. I ran for Governor, una no send me.

I’ve been a strong voice for the people, been an activist, I do EndSARS, una no send me.

“I wan run for President, una no still send me. But na dis one scatter internet. Na dis one come make una send me finally. Na wa for una oo.”

Unarguably to add salt to injury, he has today made another laughable post that Nigerians should buy him a presidential form for him to win the ongoing election.

The actor asked Nigerians to channel the same energy they used when they criticized him to vote for him so he can fix the country. He further commented, "Did you see what we did on Wednesday? We shook the world and still shaking it. "The energy you all are applying knows no tribe, no religion, and no gender. “The energy is coming from North, South, East and West and all over the world.

"The energy is united. We’re on TV stations, radio, blogs, YouTube, every WhatsApp group, market, committees, street, and hood, everywhere. "With this energy we can take back our country and fix it.

"I cannot do it alone. I need you, we need you. "Nigerians need you. "My dear Nigerians, please, I appeal to you, buy me presidential form let's win this election."

What I noticed in him since he committed somewhat sacrilege in the matrimonial sector is that he has been paying unfounded attention to how popular he is becoming without realizing that he has made an irredeemable mistake by breaking his first wife’s heart by marrying another wife. While I am strongly averse to his jokes about his claimed soaring popularity, I think he should try and focus on how his first wife can be appeased because he has unarguably broken her heart. To those that have by each passing day been hailing him, they should tell him that he can do well under the public eye, only if he clears the mess he has made with the sacredness that is inherent in marriage being the first institution ordained by God. By sharing a post that features people like Yul Edochie as long as marriage is concern, we are telling the world that we are okay with polygamy and arrant disrespects for wives, and by extension, women, even when he doesn’t deserve that kind of rave review.

I think the best thing to do now is not to give people like Yul attention and, instead, focus on posting and sharing something that does deserve our attention. By doing that, we can focus on more important issues, and maybe, just maybe, we can teach people a lesson that behaving and acting badly doesn’t do anyone good.

At this juncture, it is expedient to tell Yule that he should allow Nigerians, particularly the youths to hear word as he has broken someone’s heart, and by that became more popular for the wrong reason.

Sandra Ijeoma Okoye (Author)

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