Georgina Thrills The O2 Arena Revellers

Source: Norman S. Miwambo

Watching an eleven-year-old teenager arriving onto the podium probably you would think that she was to deliver a note to the Master of Ceremony. This was the exact scene at The O2 Arena, when Georgian Naluyange (11) walked onto the Podium.

Shortly, before 15:00 hours, the 11-year old Georgina as she prefers to be addressed was given a great reception of her life time, as she was getting onto the podium to deliver a replica of real 'And Am Telling You, I'm Not Going', a song by Jennifer Hudson.

Last November, the then 10-year old, Naluyange, a daughter to Ronald and Harriet Senyonjo Masembe, at Barbican Centre became the first Ugandan to officially entertain both the London Mayor Boris Johnson and Lord Mayor Alderman Nick Anstee during the annual City's Citizens' Assembly. Before the November 2009, event, Naluyange had scooped the runners-up for the July, Catholic performance when she perfectly executed three songs; 'Listen' by Beyonce , 'A Moment Like This' by Liona Lewis and 'The Climb' by Milley Cyrus.

When she was nominated to lead the teenagers to entertain the London Mayor and Lord Mayor of London, during the 2009 annual London Citizens Assembly for the first time, the organisers never wanted to do it again without Georgina.

All children when given such chance in their surrounding, they get huge advantage from singing as a group, this is exactly at the heart of Georgina. It has not only improved herself-esteem but also change lifestyle. Georgina bears such talents that have changed her entire family's lifestyle.

With great fondness Georgina's memory that parked and dotted with a lot of songs by great singers like; Liona Lewis who she says inspired her, Nancy Wilson, Julianne Hough, Usher, Renée Fleming, et cetera, she has completely changed the life style of family, according to her dad. The dad who initially reluctant and wish not his daughter to go the music lines, now saves what would have been spent in a pub and enjoy his soft drink with the family whilst listening Georgina when the teenager rehearsals.

The delighted father, said: “Georgina is just a blessing for the family; she has brought passion to everybody in the house.”

“At first I didn't take note and I had no interest, from my tiring work straight to the pub then get back home at around mid-night, but now I just buy Chiva Regal [a spirit brand] and get home,” says Mr Senyonjo, adding that: “everybody here does his/her routine then settle in the lounge to listen to Georgina.”

Mum's incredible support to Georgina persuaded the dad and the entire family to through their weight behind the teenager. “I'm proud of Georgina, everybody at home get entertained because she chips in to sing exactly as famous singers,” says Mrs Senyonjo Masembe, adding that: “We spend evening times together in our living room, watching and listening when Georgina dances and sings for the family.”

According to Joseph Kabunga elder brother, whether looking for fun laughter with an-all action, lively Georgina or you want a break that little girl is more relaxing and leisurely, you will find her perfect for you. Both teenagers and other people in the audience couldn't refuse to go along with tapping and nodding their feet and heads respectively as her routine raised more than a beam on everybody's face. “I have been excited as well, and am so happy for everybody who supported me,” said Georgina just after her showcase as people were surging to catch a glimpse to a young singer, a pupil at St. Helen's Roman Catholic Primary School-Plaistow east London. She had earlier told the audience that she was inspired by Liona Lewis when the MC asked her, how old she is and who inspired her.

She is loaded with fine fun collections of all songs, that is the reason she was selected for this year's London Citizens' Assembly on Monday, July 12, at the famous O2 Arena, which is located at the Greenwich peninsula in south east London.

The event, part of the power alliance that helps to make London city fairer, safer and more just, attracted over 60 youth organisations from across London.

Showcases include: Pathy Schools-local campaigns from Little Ilford School, Kingsbury High School and Prendergast Ladywell Fields College. Other include Financial Literacy-Money mentors citizens for sanctuary, Mixed Opinions, George Greens School Halstow Primary School Choir, Ryan Bleach, Trinity catholic High School, St Charles VI Form College dance troupe, and it was graced by Michael Sandel a Professor of Political Philosophy at Harvard University.

The assembly had students from Hounslow Manor School led a youth crime prevention workshop with conflict resolution training and role play in the VIP lounge protection.

The annual assembly is aimed at sensitizing people who are confused about the word 'Asylum' and do not share a common understanding that it means proving sanctuary to people fleeing persecution. It also encouraged people to use the term 'sanctuary' when referring to people who are fleeing from persecution rather than calling them 'Asylum Seekers'. The message was to encourage local MPs (UK), Newspapers and local councils to use the word 'sanctuary' instead of 'asylum'.