I Have Come To Rescue Ebonyi State

By Anayo Edwin
Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin (Ebonyi State PDP Governorship Aspirant)
Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin (Ebonyi State PDP Governorship Aspirant)

A speech by Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin at the occasion of the formal declaration and opening of his Governorship campaign office in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, on Saturday April 9, 2022)

I come to you today with good news! I come with a package that represents a Breath of Fresh Air -IKUKUNDU - to RESCUE Ebonyi State.

My fellow Ebonyians (UNWUNNEMNDUEBONYI),
By the grace of God, today marks the beginning of our journey to the Government House Abakaliki. I am inspired to aspire to become the next Governor of Ebonyi because I believe I can effectively lead the charge to RESCUE Ebonyi our beloved State from the abject conditions of my people which always provoke tears in my eyes.

Every day I encounter many of our people who are weighed down by avoidable challenges and issues that make me cry, and I have been asking God to give me a sufficient opportunity to wholesomely RESCUE my people.

Just three days ago, it was reported to me that a young man who was taking his pregnant wife on a motorbike to a hospital over 25 kilometres away for delivery lost control of the bike and fell down with his wife and they nearly lost the baby. But this could have been avoided if there were nearby health facilities.

Last week, I received a call from two Ebonyians. One of them is in the state public service. He told me that his meagre salary could no longer sustain him and his family. The other person is a petty trader who said that the relocation of Abakpa market and his inability to afford a new shop has caused him and his family untoldhardship.

Yet, another told me that the constant harassment of government agents in the new market has rendered his business unprofitable.

These are only a few of the numerous problems we have been receiving from some of our people almost on daily basis. I am challenged more by the level of poverty, starvation, joblessness among my people. The signposts of Ebonyi State are army of hawkers chasing vehicles on highways. This is a collective shame to all of us.

Through the years, it has been my obligation to address some of these problems because you elected me into the National Assembly to represent you. But despite my efforts to address some of the problems, there is a limitation to what I can do or how I can help as a lawmaker to address the root causes of the problems. As a Governor with executive powers, I know I can do more to positively transform the lives of Ndi Ebonyi.

This and many more are the reasons I can not continue to stay aside bemoaning the fate of our people. This is why I stand here today to inform you that I am ready to lead the charge to restore the dignity of Ebonyi man. I am bringing A breath of fresh air - IKUKUNDU - to your lives and to all sectors. That is the burning passion that has motivated me into the Governorship race for 2023.

There is no reason for any Ebonyi man should be deprived of his means of livelihood. There is no reason for any Ebonyi child to be denied education because of school fees.

There is no reason Ebonyi civil servants to be denied living salary and regular promotion. There is no reason for our retirees to be denied their pensions and gratuities as at when due.

Indeed, there is no reason for embargo on employment when there are both vacancies in the state civil service and many un-employed Ebonyians roaming the streets in search of employment.

There is no reason for lecturers in Ebonyi State-owned tertiary institutions to be denied their legitimate entitlements or healthworkers not to be paid what is professionally due to them.

Given the size of our state and the revenues which come from the monthly federal allocations and internal sources, there is no reason for Ebonyi State to be classified as the poverty capital of the Southern Nigeria with the worst health indices in the South East. The resources of Ebonyi State should belong to all Ebonyians.

I am aware of the harsh taxation in Ebonyi State. I am also aware of the agony and sufferings confronting many of those displaced in the aftermath of the relocation of Abakpa market and demolition of the building materialmarket at Spera-in-Deo.

I am fully aware too that many schools and hospitals are not functioning and that there is urgent need for qualified staff in our schools and health institutions.

I know that many of our brothers and children are not in school because their parents could not afford to pay their school fees and they resort to street hawking to make ends meet.

I know that there is hunger in our state. I know that many families go to bed without food.

I am aware of the insecurity in our State and the attendant communal crises.

Today, I bring you good news. I have come to lead the charge to RESCUE EBONYI State and bring A BREATH OF FRESH AIR- IKUKUNDU - to the people. I have come to bridge that gap between the rich and the poor. I have come to return Ebonyi State to the era of prosperity, stability and peace.

If by the grace of God I am elected as governor of Ebonyi State in the 2023 general elections, on assumption of duty, our administration will declare state of emergency on job creation, education, health, social investment and security.

Rt. Hon. Anayo Edwin (Ebonyi State PDP Governorship Aspirant)

Our administration will be anchored on Eight-point Agenda focused on good governance, economic growth, restoration of peace and security, and social investment. We shall also prioritize education, health and wellbeing, Agriculture, strengthening of the Civil Service and Local Government system and rural infrastructure and industrial development.

We shall specifically and comprehensively focus on:

Good governance to run open, accessible and accountable government at the state and local government system.

Education where every citizen of Ebonyi State will enjoy free, compulsory and qualitative education from primary to junior secondary school levels that will make them relevant and employable in the 21st century world.

Health and Wellbeing: To provide free, accessible and quality healthcare to every Ebonyian.

Job Creation: To fill all vacancies in all sectors of government and encourage apprenticeship and entrepreneurship.

Social Investment: To support the aged (old men and women,the disabled etc.)

Agriculture: We shall turn agriculture into a business venture and move it away from peasantry through large scale farming and set up Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone focused on Rice,Cassava,Maizeetc.

Security and Peace: Peace and security are the mostessentialingredientsfordevelopment.Weshalltakemeasurestorestorepeaceandsecurityacrossthestate.

Industrial Development:Our administration shall set upindustrialzonesineachofthreegeopoliticalzonesofEbonyiStatetocreatejobopportunity.

Each of these development agenda has received elaborate attention in our manifesto and we intend to ensure the full implementation when elected into office.

Ebonyi State is home for all and our administration will promote policies that will give every law-abiding resident in the state a sense of belonging.

My dear brothers and sisters, our party requires the services of ajust and compassionate leader who has what it takes to reclaim the mandate freely given to us by our people. However, Ebonyi Stateisnotforsaletothehighestbidder.

Our party requires a leader with a ground game driven by thepeople at the grassroot. We need a leader who has the common touch with the people.

I believe I am that leader. I have been doing my best for our people since you gave me the mandate into the National Assembly and I intend to do much more if given the mandate to be your Governor in 2023.

It is important to state that I am not aspiring to be a zonal or district Governor of the North, Central or South senatorial districts. I am aspiring to be the GOVERNOR OF EBONYI STATE to RESCUE Ebonyi from its present bondage and I HEREBY OFFER MYSELF TO GO FOR YOU.

Dear delegates, give me our party’s flag to go for you, I will not disappoint you.

Thank you.
May God bless the Peoples Democratic Party.
May God bless Ebonyi State.
May God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.