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The country is indeed blessed with talents of different kinds in the entertainment industry.

Nowadays the young ones are not ready to waste anytime in going into the profession they know they will excel in. The scenario in most cases is that while they are studying they are also effectively engaged in what gives them fulfilment. The story of Nigeria's youngest female saxophonist.

Her names are Oluwapelumi Adetunji, she is also known as King's Kid. She was born in 1993 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. 'Kola Adetunji. She is the third child in the family of four. In a chat with Show Biz Plus after a wonderful performance she said, “I got into playing the saxophone through my dad's influence who still plays saxophone at his leisure and when invited as guest artiste at events. My dad actually started teaching me how to play the saxophone at the age of 10. Let me say I started performing at events when I was 11 years of age”. The JSS 3 student of Adebayo Mokuolu College, Ogba Lagos, Western Nigeria has a future ambition of being a medical surgeon. On how she gets inspired to play, she spoke further, “it comes naturally and I pick up my saxophone and play”.

A close look at the saxophone shows it is the type used by renowned musicians and it must be expensive considering the economic situation in the country.

King's Kid commented, “My dad bought it for me from the USA and when converted to the naira cost over three hundred and fifty thousand naira”.

The little girl sees every performance as challenging but put up her best, which makes her outstanding at events. King's Kid says she would not study music in the higher institution, “I don't like music as a subject, I am just in love with musical instrument especially the saxophone”.

She listens to great saxophonist like Kenny G, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Kunle Ajayi, Mike Aremu, Lagbaja, Nanji and others.

She is presentgly working on her 4 track demo album in a studio and would not let out any information about it. “I promise my fans and friends the best of time yet to come. I love them all, and to my fans the best of time is yet to come. I love them all, and to my lovely parents I say many thanks”.

By Taiwo Obatusin