Safety Is Our Common Responsibly, Can’t Be Ignored: 

By Imad Hamad
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There is no doubt that the number of bombs threats, acts of hate, violence, mass shootings and domestic acts of terror are on the rise across the nation, alarming us all. Despite the pain and the loss of innocent lives, as well as disruption to our lives, it is becoming a common news item. Should we surrender to that?

In a free society, we live with risk. There is a risk in everything we do. Thousands of people die every year from different range of causes and accidents. People die from accidents at home while doing mundane things. This how life goes. It’s the reality of all living societies at home and abroad.

We cherish life and freedom. Risk is a fact of life and freedom is important. Should we just do nothing?

Cherishing freedom and living with risk do not mean that we can’t do anything to mitigate risk while living our lives. Crime is a concern to all, citizens, and law enforcement agencies alike.

The recent wave of acts of violence, cyber threats and domestic acts of terror that targeted different faith-based institutions such as synagogues, black churches, business, and bomb threats against black academic institutions merit serious attention. This increase mandates serious planning by all institutions, civic, religious, and academic. Training and vigilance are necessary if not mandatory to help save lives. This also, require all to enhance their own security and safety system. We all need to be proactive.

Law enforcement agencies, at all levels, especially the FBI and the DHS, have been working diligently and swiftly to bring the criminals to justice. However, law enforcement alone can’t prevent all attacks. This requires citizens help and assistance. Citizens are indispensable partners facing this common challenge.

We must recognize that targeting any segment of people, is an attack against all of us and it’s a crime against all of us. No one is immune and any entity can be a target during these most challenging times facing our nation.

It’s a bitter factor life in a free society that we cannot eliminate risk of violence, but we can work together to reduce it. It is incumbent on all of us to do so. The threat is real, and we may live it for good time ahead. Whether the target is black institutions, Jewish institutions, Asians, Latinos, Muslim institutions or any other. It’s our problem. We should all be part of the solution. The safety of everyone matters period.

Imad Hamad is the AHRC Executive Director