The Arrest Of Moses Oko: A Kudos And A Reflection On Nigerian Society

By Damilare Adeleye
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Moses Oko

A Nigerian online news outlet, The Nigerian Voice, yesterday reported that one Moses Oko who allegedly murdered the late Jennifer Anthony has been arrested and would be be tried before a competent court of jurisdiction after the police concluded their investigation. The gruesome and disheartening murder of the late Miss Jennifer Anthony had trailed the social media with many cautioning ladies,especially, to be careful of those they keep company with either as in relationship or friendship. While I, on one hand, deeply commiserate with the family and friends of the deceased for the huge lost of this their promising and lovely loved one, I also, on the other hand, send kudos to the State Command of Nigeria Police Force for their swift action and move which they took into the painful incident. Considering how the suspected killer was arrested, it is not an understatement that Nigeria Police Force is still efficient and effective to their call mandate. Though, there may be some ugly treads within the force like harassment, extortion, brutality, among other vices, yet, some Nigerian police officers have displayed some level of dedication to ensure justice is served without bias and also to ensure the laws and order are maintained in accordance with the Constitution of the country. According to The Nigerian Voice, the alleged murderer was apprehended in Makurdi, Benue State after he had committed the crime in Jos. I know that the police ordinarily did what they are paid and employed for, but I still use this piece to commend the efforts of the police team in the state command who got the serial killer arrested in due course to face the wrath of the law.

Mind you, the contention of this treatise is not only to praise the Nigeria Police Force alone, but also to reflect on the circumstances of the atrocious criminality.

Moses Oko, the suspected murderer, is not more than 20 years of age. I repeat, he is just twenty year-old, two years below mine. Could you just imagine his temerity, effrontery and audacity to carry out such crime! Intriguingly, what could have made a 20 - year- old agile man gruesomely murdered his harmless beautiful girlfriend? I would like to read the psychological perspective of Professor John Egbeazien Oshodi on the possible state of the psychology of this young man before he executed his nefarious act. While I cannot tell what might have transpired between him and the deceased, I would like to know his motives, mission and aims for killing his fellow human? Frankly speaking, I'm perplexed and I despise this country, Nigeria!

A country where the leaders; political, religious and institutional, are selfish, greedy, heartless,corrupt and nonchalant to the plights of average people. A country where the elders are self-centered, liers, betrayers and thieves who reap off the country at the detriment of its stability. A country where those who should be entrusted with the future of the country are now rather fully engaged in all sort of criminalities: Yahoo plus, political thuggery, etcetera. A country where everyone is craving and desperate to get quick wealth and sudden stardom. I certainly weep for the country and for the future of myself.

To talk about the society, the society itself is in disarray. No more moral values to be enforced. Perhaps, who moral values help when the society is readily in search for wealthy person to bestow an honorary title even without investigating the source of the person's wealth. Who really cares for any social values when many a parents eulogize a child who comes home with exotic cars and expensive designers without even knowing what the child does for the large - living. What does one expect when the society only acknowledges those with money, even in religious gatherings? Sadly to say, some things have gone wrong in the society of ours.

Nevertheless, at least, to correct these anomalies, the government should provide employment for the increasing youth population, or otherwise create a well enabling environment for the youth to use their creative minds to provide jobs for themselves. In the same vein, the society as well must refrain from praising those whose sources of wealth are suspicious in order to return sanctity and sanity to our society.

To my fellow young individuals, take note that shortcut cuts one's life short as Dr Ganiu Bamgbose, one of my lecturers, will always say. I will implore you not to be in hurry to enjoy life. Contentment, diligent, endurance and consistent are key factors that bring everlasting joy to one's life without hitch.

Therefore, On this note, I so submit to fellow Nigerians!

Damilare Adeleye is a content writer and an undergraduate in Lagos State University. Can be reached via 09063561152

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