Spaceship Earth:looted Funds For Global Fund For Medical, Scientific And Agric Reserach In The Interest Of The Human Race

By Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth
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Omicron! We are all in this together. Spaceship Earth is flying into uncertainty. Spaceship Earth is in a precarious condition. We cannot afford to be complacent. We have been very lucky.

The high networth individuals should jump off their high horses, vacate their penthouses and attend to scientific reserach and development rather than birthdays, burials and bethrotals including Benzes and Bentleys. We have no where to run.! All hands must be on deck!

The world leaders should convert looted funds deposited in their respective countries for medical scientific and agricultural reserach especially looted funds in north America, Britian, and europe

They should Democratise reserach funding in the interest of the human race.wherever there are talented scientists or science students outside the western world and within . Stanford University has a data base of the world's top scientists. What else? G7 NATIONS?