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Controversy seem to be the “motto” of the Association of Nigeria Theater Arts Practitioner, showbiz now gathered that aside leadership tussle which is set to tear the body made up of Yoruba movie practitioners, the black days of the body is far from being over.
Led by popular actor, Adebayo Salami, the association is yet to find a way forward as it rolls from one controversy to the other.
During the association last meeting, the long-standing issue of the Ashaolu factor became a matter of hot discussion on the floor of the house and it took divine grace and maturity to stop the matter from becoming a free for all fight.
“Ashaolu factor” scooped is a pending matter in court, which dated back to years. He was one of the founding fathers of the association and is presently insisting on having a stake in the body now, which most members are not comfortable with.
Dele Odule, a popular actor and a national president hopeful is of the opinion that the association should appeal to Ashaolu to settle the matter out of court, a suggestion some members saw as act of betrayal and cowardice.
Last week the roof of the Eko Multipurpose Hall was almost raised down when popular comedian Babatunde Omidina took a swipe at the likes of Dele Odule, Rotimi Makinde for not supporting his own idea of mass mobilization to harass the opposition.
Meanwhile, legal opinion revealed that of the Court matter with Ashaolu, the only option left is for the members to throat a rival association and forget the name ANTP.