Kidnapping of Journalists: Declare kidnapping a National Tragedy. Says Bafarawa


Former Governor of Sokoto state and DPP Presidential candidate has called on the Federal Government to as matter of urgent and respect for Nigerians to declare kidnapping casesin Nigeria as matter of national tragedy so as to bring urgent attention and security protection to the lives and property of Nigerians.  

Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa said, Presidency should as matter of the National Security declare state of emercency on any state that was beclouded with rampant cases of kidnapping and hold the communities of that particular area and their political leaders as responsible of such disgraceful acts.  

Former Governor of Sokoto state Attahiru Bafarawa, said, Kidnapping business in Nigeria is a big shame and disgraceful to the society, because it bring suffering to the victims and a sycological trauma to the families of the victims. He said, issue of kidanapping in Nigeria is bringing a very bad image to the government both in the national and international community, which needs an urgent action by both the securityand communities.  

It is the right time now, for the President to declare this issue as National disgarce and tragedy. So as to bring a realible and best option from the Security to tacle them.  

He said, “ I am calling on our President to use all the necessary apparatus of the security system in the country to ensure the rescue of the abducted Journalists and other previous victims of these rampant kidnapping”  

Former DPP Presidential candidate in 2007 election, while sympathising with the NUJ and family of the victims, say issue of kidnapping is beyond Police alone, it's a national assignement to all reasonable Nigerians to join effort with other well meaning people of the country to come together and fight it. Therefore I am asking for the Federal Government to take serious action in dealing the issue and their sponsors. Government must fight issue of insecurity in the country with vigour and clear determination.  

He urged leaders in power to use more intesify effors in the provision of succour to the people against poverty and unemployment among our teeming youths and people of the country.