The Art Of Iconic Leadership - The Book Every Girl Must Read

Justina Mutale
Justina Mutale

London, Friday 8 October 2021: UK-based international gender advocate, author and philanthropist, Justina Mutale is offering girls around the world the opportunity to read her book: “The Art of Iconic Leadership: Power Secrets of Female World Leaders” as a gift to mark this year’s United Nations International Day of the Girl, which falls on Monday 11 October 2021.

The book, originally priced at £18.99 in paperback has been reduced to just 99p for this weekend only, to allow girls around the world to afford the book on Kindle, which allows readers to access and download the book from any part of the world. The 99p Kindle offer runs from Friday 8 October 2021 and ends on Tuesday 12 October 2021.

“I wrote this book as a gift to every girl on the planet. It is only befitting that as many girls around the world as possible should have access to the book. And the United Nations International Day of the Girl is the perfect occasion for this”, says Author, Justina Mutale.

Ms Mutale is the Convener of the World Summit on Women & Girls. She leads and serves on various boards across the globe, including the World Leaders Forum. She also serves as Vice-President of the United Kingdom National Alliance of Women’s Organisations; as well as Global Envoy for Gender Equality at the International Women’s Think Tank, headquartered in Georgia in the United States of America. Ms Mutale previously worked in the Gender Section of the Commonwealth Secretariat headquartered in London.

In this remarkable ground-breaking book on female leadership, Ms Mutale intellectually celebrates the emerging power of female world leaders and chronicles the remarkable achievements of iconic women leaders across the ages.

"By Chapter Three, I forgot I was reading a book. I felt enrolled in a mission ... This book is a celebration of the formidable combination of captivating feminine beauty, the strength of personality, and outstanding leadership skills to transform lives. I love the hard work, uncommon courage, and amazing compassion described through the lives in this great book. I love that each chapter morphs from theory into real-life – the replay of historical female leaders who emanate those same vital traits and ends with recommendations for the development of those traits in the read. The role models are well-chosen and the perspective of the author, being different from my own, brought out some very valuable insights for me – both on the person described as well as the leadership trait itself. By Chapter Three, I was caught by the anger and frustration that gave birth to the Foundation, which turned this book from a theoretical read on leadership to one where I was enrolled in the mission. This book is so well written that I forgot I was reading – it felt a much more insightful and intimate experience than that". Reads one review on Amazon.

The book aims to inspire and motivate a new generation of female leaders all over the world through the stories of the iconic female leaders featured therein.

Upon its launch, the book made Amazon No.1 international bestseller, top 5 and top 50 in Political Leadership, Business Skills, and Social Skills, respectively.

Proceeds from the book go to the Scholarship Fund at the Justina Mutale Foundation to help disadvantaged young women and girls from rural communities in Africa to access tertiary education around the world.

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