Temi Omotola, a Nigerian-Canadian, co-authors in the new Great Canadian Women Series book "She is Enough

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Lagos, Nigeria - One thing is certain in an ever-changing and dynamic world: women's contributions to society must never be undervalued. A new book in the Great Canadian Women Series, "She is Enough," is slated to be released in a few weeks. “She is Enough’ is a compilation of real-life stories from women who have realized their worth. These are stories that will inspire all women to follow their instincts and live their lives with intention. The women in this book who have shared their profound stories are worthy to be celebrated as heroines. They are some of the most tenacious women and their brave journeys can serve as a learning curve and relatable experience to every woman. “She is Enough” is co-authored by 13 extraordinary women, one of whom is Nigerian-Canadian Temi Omotola.

Temi Omotola is a social entrepreneur and host of the Thriving Canadian Migrants podcast with over 15 years' career experience in IT. She is also a coach and online course creator.

In her chapter, Temi Omotola shares the struggles of an African girl who begins a new life in a different continent and has to deal with the mental pressure of a patriarchal system, immigrants struggle in getting settled, and her trailblazing journey to success because she realized she is enough. Temi goes further to highlight the maternal challenges of an African woman based on traditional and cultural beliefs in Canada and why Africa remains underdeveloped despite the advancement of technology in the world.

"It is an honor to be featured in a series that showcases the stories of outstanding and inspirational women,” Omotola says of her chapter. I wanted to share my story, my hardships as an African immigrant and a woman motivated to jump through all the hoops that a foreign environment throws at her, to encourage others who are going through similar life situations or are about to make life-changing decisions. This venture excites me as it launches me into a new career as an author.”

Temi Omotola is a social entrepreneur, YouTuber, podcaster, author, and IT professional with 15 years of experience. She is on the board of a local group in British Columbia, with the primary goal of collaborating with school districts to implement the teaching of Canadian Black History and Culture in elementary schools. In her spare time, she counsels and consults new immigrants in Canada, providing them with useful information to help them integrate into their new home/country smoothly. Temi is married to her childhood sweetheart Ola and the mother of three beautiful children. She lives in Vancouver with her family.