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What makes elegant dressing to you? And what catches your fancy most?

Simplicity! I try to be as simply dressed as possible and I strongly advocate dressing to suit any occasion. I don't really bother about designer clothing, but I love my lips looking good with lovely lip-liner and lip-gloss.

What was your growing up years like?

It was every bit of a tomboy life, growing up among seven brothers. I climbed the hills with them and played with them. Growing up in Jos was beautiful though I was born in Benin. Then, my brother called me 'Da fomsky' while my Dad used to, and still calls me Isio (meaning a star.)

Was there anything you did while growing up that was a pointer to what you do now?

I cannot place my fingers on any particular thing. But I was so passionate about reading novels and watching television that my mum used to call me “TV Star”. I did every household chore with one hand while I held a novel in the other, and my mum couldn't stand that.

Have your parents always supported what you are doing now?

They wanted me to become a lawyer, but destiny proved that wrong. My family has always been supportive in every way, especially my mother and sister.

How did you feel each time you either won a pageant or came close to doing so?

Of course, every winner would have butterflies in her stomach, which I always felt whenever I won. First I won the Miss Ebony pageant in 2001; then Miss Earth in 2002, which took me to the Philippines representing Nigeria. In the Miss Commonwealth pageant, I won the amity award as the friendliest contestant. Being a three-time 1st runner up in different contests was very challenging, I was 1st runner-up in the Queen-Afrik 2002 contest, then again in the Queen of all Nations contest in 2003, and finally in the Miss Nigeria beauty contest in 2004. But in all of these, I learnt to accept my positions because the fact remains that there can only be one queen and the judges have different criteria for judging contestants.

You have featured in 26 home videos. Did you influence the roles you were given, or just accepted them as they are given to you?

I don't try to influence my roles, I let it flow. As a flexible actress, I take any role and bring the best out of it.

Can you give us an insight into some of the labels you have modelled for?

I have been on the runway for Nobel Afrik. In fact, they made all the clothings I used for the beauty contests I featured in. I have also been on the labels of Wsmd, Collectibles, Davida and Yemkem.

Being in the modelling industry, have you had to diet to excel as a model?

I have never looked forward to being a size 8 model, because I am a big model.

Featuring in Lagbaja's musical video is a big one. How do you see this helping your popularity in the entertainment industry?

It's good publicity for me, and I must say that I enjoyed every bit of it. The experience was as wonderful as the people I met.

What is your relationship like with Lagbaja?

Well, it is a business relationship. It is very fulfilling working with him, you must be tireless and very hardworking. He gives the best and he expects nothing less, he also has a great creative approach to music.

What edge has a degree in French language given you in this industry?

A great edge truly. I can do all of these in both Anglophone and Francophone countries without difficulty. For instance, if I was to do a movie in French, I wouldn't have to lip-sync.

How did your manage to juggle your academic work and your professional work while at the university?

I think I did quite all right, but I must thank my friends. When I was away, they always kept me abreast of the happenings in school, they informed me of assignments, and also gave me material to do my work. I am so grateful to them.

Do you still have time for your old friends?

I try to remain grounded because without those friends, I wouldn't be the star that I am today. I can't let go of any of my friends, they have been my best critics, telling me the truth like no other person would; and they have also been very encouraging.

What is your philosophy of life?

I believe that one should stay focused and steadfast, because quitters never win and winners never quit

What is next on the mind of Ufuoma?

More movies to come, besides business here and there.

How close are you to marriage?

As soon as God says so!