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Some people, comedians especially, have always argued your ringtone is a reflection of your personality. When your phone rings, they insist, they can tell who you are.

For instance, if your ringtone is Angel of My Life, you are either a Romeo or a Juliet. Lagbaja Nothing for You, tells you are mean; Weluwelu gives you away as appreciative; Nigeria Jaga Jaga tells you've just lost an election; Why me, you have so many admirers; You and I, your heart has just been broken, and Hard Life tells things have been terrible lately.

Not so for Charly Boy's wife
“My ringtone, she contends, “does not necessarily tell who I am. I change my mood. It doesn't describe who I am at all. If I like a ringtone, I keep it for quite a while, and as I say when I feel that I'm bored with it, I change to something else.
Well in this edition of Me & My GSM, I have decided to dig deep into the archives and bring you the views of what celebrities said about what kind of ringtones they use, and why they use them.

Added this time is what is new with these celebrities, and just incase you missed their various editions, their GSM numbers – if they provided when they came on Me & My GSM are supplied…

Lady D's ringtone is 'name and number'
She is the only celebrity not from the archives She just shot the video of a new track “what's your name and number” featuring Ghana's Nana King.
“The video should be out next two weeks on the stations. We spent a whole weekend at Do it All shooting, and it was very exciting.

Last Friday we performed the song for an audience and they received it pretty well. It sounds really funky in the club because you could get all the sounds, it was hot…Nana King enjoyed it; she enjoyed the crowd. It was good… We still have two more videos to finish.”
And that track – Name & Number – is her current ringtone:
“I choose it because I want to use it to advertise the song and the CD. So I decided to use my own ringtone, instead of someone else's. I chose it because it has some interesting beats on it that I thought it was strong for ringtones and I thought they will make exciting ringtones. If you listen to it, you will find it interesting; if you listen, you will be amused.”

God willing, Lady D will be back some other Saturdays with full Me & MY GSM gist and you're going to love her gist.

…this is Soul E Baba
It's no longer news he won the… and in a couple of weeks, Soul E will be on tour to US, Canada, and London. Part of the activities is to do a collabo with Snoop Dog, and to work with Ghost Writers. When he was on Me & My GSM, he said:
“My ringtone is my hit single, listen to it. Because it keeps me focus, it makes me know that I have to work harder. To put another ringing tone, on that phone, and to make that ringing tone, national world wide. It just reminds me to work harder and to remember where I'm coming from. Not too let a little fame get into my head and I start misbehaving. That ringtone check balances me a lot.
Do I need to tell he's just hook up a banker girl friend he doesn't want to talk about now? And that puts a lie to the whole cock and bull gay stories, doesn't it?

Gbenga X-Adebija
“I like customized ringtones,” he said when the week he came on. “And I'm someone who gets very bored easily with ringtones, so I like to change them very, very frequently – extremely frequently. In fact, in the last two or three days, I've probably changed my ringtones like 5 times. I prefer musical ringtones. I've had Ijo Ya, at the moment it's Brandy, Afro Di Siac. In the last week I've had Konga, and I've had Tuface's For Instanc

Well, Gbenga's new book, Magnificat…a collection short stories, was just launched recently, and before the end of this year, he should flag off The Adebija Foundation.
“At the moment, Gbenga says, “what we are doing is the ground work, to be sure when we eventually come out; we will make a positive impact in the lives of the people.”

Six Foot Plus
“Pardon me for being vain as some people will call it but my ringtone is one of my songs. Before now, I just prefer the conventional, ringtones, nothing too fancy then I play with some sounds at some points. At a time I had Dbanj's Tongolo. Now I have my song, 'E don do me,' as my ringtone. By default it's what I put there. I have a lot of sounds on my phone and that is the one that works for me, and if it works why not. I am used to it.”

Those were Six Foot's plus from the archives. Presently the guy is cooling off in Abuja, and cooling up for him means “shooting a couple of videos, and working on a couple of new songs” presumably for his next album.

Weird MC
After Ijo ya the big question is what is next? Weird Mc as you read this story is London for Tee-A's Live n Naked in London. She should be back, next Wednesday to continue work on a new song. For a ringtone, she said:

I love Style Plus' Imagine Dat, as you can see, I got it on. Sometimes I can just switch it. What I do is that I have a Top Ten thing every week so I swoop it round, so I say, 'Ok this week I am going to put Styl Plus, Snoop Dog, and all that.
I don't even use my songs at all. I think it's vain for my phone to ring and then they hear Ijo ya, or Ready to Party.

Her career has never blossomed the way it has done from the last quarter of 2006. She was MNETs Movie Magic's actor of the year early this year, and recently was crowned Actor of the Year by City People. And a cover page appearance on City People's Quaterly only confirms that over five awards in six months are no stroke of luck.

These have earned her good roles in five movies already. She is on set for a Charles Novia directed home video, and when she is on set she doesn't get to hear her ringtone which she says…
“…is like an acoustic guitar; salsa kind of sound. I like it. It came with the phone. It make me want to dance. It makes me what to pick the phone. Before I bought this phone, I had Tuface's Ole as my ringtone. I love that song.

This sister is dong fine as well. She just won Niger Delta's Musician of the year, and she is on a Niger Delta Peace concert project. This evening, she would be at the Vault for Muma Gee's “Root & Heritage.” Good things happen when some celebrities go on dreads…

Unlike Weird Mc, she said: “I have my songs as my ringtone but it is for some people. I personalize them. I have Branama for some very special people. Everybody is special but it is for some people. When I hear that music, I know that they are calling. Then, I have a ringtone for my family members – Woruno, the track I did with Sunny Nneji. It's a thank you song, and I appreciate my family a lot. For my husband, I use forever, a love song we co-wrote. It's on Branama 2, featuring Freestlye.”
That's all…

That's painfully all space would allow me pick from the archives. The next set of opinions I will pick will happily not be from the archives they will come from you.
So, what is your ringtone? Why do you use it? How did you get it, and which ringtone are you dying to have?