Plastic pollution, a scourge in our Environment

By Abduldayan Salamatu Gana

Earth provides all Natural resources we could think of, including life itself but mankind on earth are the primary cause of the exploitation of this natural resources, leading to the instability of our ecosystem, precisely our environment. Today has to be a day to raise awareness and take actions to revive Earth resources, to use them properly in a better way, to transform them into products which are harmless to our environment.

The accumulation of synthetic plastic products has reached to a point where they cause massive pollution in our environment. plastics are being produced in billions but only a few are being recycled or incerinated. Others are improperly disposed at the place they end their usefulness, either being dropped on the ground, thrown out of the car window and lots more, all these accumulate in landfills, dumps, rivers or even in the ocean.

These plastics has been polluters in our environment as they are non-biodegradable they flood low lying areas by clogging drainage system. Most at times this plastics are being mistaken as food to animal resulting to a negative effect, either killing it or making it sick as plastic cannot be digested. These plastic products also cause significant aesthetic blight i.e. affecting the beautification of our environment, when litters are all over the streets and surrounding. Concerning human health, plastics contain certain chemical like lead, cadmium, and mercury, that when exposed to a certain temperature becomes activated and can cause cancer, immune system problem, etc. Therefore, these foods and drinks packed in plastic tends not to be safe for consumption.

Despite all these, we can still safeguard our Environment in carrying out certain precautions;

1. Firstly the government has to play a role in decreasing the amount of plastic food and drinks being supplied into the society, but even at this, let the real change start with us and not the Government. We, the consumers can help reduce the rate at which we buy plastic products which definitely will create awareness to the producers to change their way of packaging from plastic to other materials that are biodegradable and not harmful to life. We need to push this awareness to help protect our environment.

2. Another way out is for us citizens/consumers in our society to help dispose this plastics properly after use, either taken for recycling or burning them instead of littering them about!

3. In conclusion, every citizen should spread this awareness on the effect this plastics product has in our environment an almost our health, Let's all help save our environment


Name: Abduldayan Salamatu Gana
School: Federal University of Technology, Minna

Dept.: Plant biology
Email address: [email protected]

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