My Ace China Social Funding Real Estate Solution: Lifestyle Hub Present Cars & Cheque To Succesful Subscribers

By Anderson Hart

It was all outpouring of emotions, joy, and an eye-opening experience for participants and beneficiaries alike as the Mayor of Housing, My Ace China in partnership with Lifestyle Asset Hub presented car keys and other benefits to beneficiaries of his administration’s maiden rent-to-own housing scheme, otherwise known as subscribers who have completed their social fund successfully, and now own their smart duplexes.

The event which marked the first-ever banquet for real estate investors and enthusiasts in the city of Port Harcourt tagged ‘The Housing for All Banquet' was held at the prestigious Hub event centre, Peter Odili Road in Port Harcourt, and left exciting and indelible imprints to celebrate their early investors, and also introduce their dynamic real estate solutions to more people in Port Harcourt

Mrs Mercy Wilfred Amaso, Mrs Tolulope Adedeji, and Mr. Teddy Mbakwe obi were the three beneficiaries who had successfully completed their social funding circle and now own their google smart duplexes. In other words, two people won a car, someone got a cash prize of 3.2 million naira, another went home with a washing machine and someone also won a deep freezer.

Making his opening remark at the event, the real estate success strategist Mayor of China noted: “the Housing for all Banquet is very historic because this is the first time in the history of our company that we are giving out brand new cars in the garden city of Port Harcourt. This is also the very first time that someone is qualifying for a house from the elite VVIP (16 million naira), and this threshold the fastest house qualification in the world happening in just two days."

"We have taken this special interest in Port Harcourt to celebrate our Port Harcourt market that has been so receptive, responsive, and has embraced social funding. Impressively, the Port Harcourt market is now leading our national campaign efforts in terms of patronage, positioning us to succeed where others failed."

“Two months ago we came into Port Harcourt with this solution and it took us about a month to settle in, and by April 25th we had our site launch. After that, the patronage we have gotten is much more than we had in our other nine locations in Accra Ghana, Enugu, Yaounde Cameroun, Abuja, Kano, Ibadan, Owerri, and Lagos.

Giving further insight he said social funding is the best housing solution because it doesn’t require government support; banks or investors. According to him, it’s a self-sustaining; self-auditing, and self-duplicating model that runs on the people; of the people, and by the people! More secure is the fact that the cashback guarantees the security of the system; it is so secure and reliable that the subscribers are very protected and rest assured! It’s just an unstoppable leveraged system with explosive returns and guarantees."

According to the Mayor of China, the social funding model instituted has created something new, affordable, and luxurious. He said the 21st century does not accept the word, impossible, hence the model is out to show how affordable and luxury meet with a N2m or N4m social funding package that guarantees you a luxury apartment.

Hear him: "The formula is people, collaboration, which equals housing solution in the form of social funding. At the Port Harcourt Reef Court Estate site, we know that land economy is the future of housing. We have acquired 30 hectares and the estate would be in seven phases. There is a swimming pool on the roof; privacy is guaranteed with an automated housing system; soft homes called google smart home; you can control your house from the US as long as goggle reaches there. You can shut the gas in your house from your phone anywhere. You can open the door to your guests while at work or anywhere. In fact, you can imprison your guest." he opined.

He opened our eyes to the fact that there is about 22 million housing deficit in Nigeria, according to him, Nigeria has the most expensive mortgage rates in the world. Nigeria has housing access or penetration of 0.5 per cent where South Africa has 82 percent.

“The houses we offer have burglary proof and insurance cover. Lifestyle Hub makes it possible to acquire houses with land at very cheap rates. The house is worth N150m but you can pay N85m at once and take it, thus making N55m savings instantly through social funding mechanism. like I said earlier, there are also packages for 2 million, 4 million, and 16 million”

Hear him: “ironically, while other companies shy away from Port Harcourt, we have found it our social funding haven, and we are committed to given Port Harcourt our best”.

The massively attended event was the gathering of the crème de la crème and who is who in the comedy industry in Port Harcourt and beyond, the likes of Okon Lagos, KO Baba, Aproko, Akpan Okon, GSN, Dr Vee, Payo G, and many other comedians were there to thrill us. The car, key and cheque presentation were the very pinnacles of the value laded event.