Southern Governors Peace Accord, Northern Elders War Threats And Nigeria's Disregard For Social Justice

By Momoh, Emmanuel Omeiza
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The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class, a popular socio-political philosopher elucidated during his life time. However, in remodeling the above assertion, I think it should be the history of all existing societies is the struggle between the good and the bad, the just and the unjust. This undoubtedly due to the reality of things and events in Africa's giant country - Nigeria.

Dateline was Tuesday, May 11th when members of the Southern Governors Forum, met to discuss modalities on developing the region and preventing the emergence of criminals who are hell bent on making the region their abode. They among other things called for a pragmatic approach in tackling the common challenges of insecurity, and the disregard for social justice etc.

Their meeting which I have personally christened the 21st century Aburi peace Accord almost ended in shambles as it tore the northern axis apart. Well, life is in phases. What surprises/shocks a party makes another amused.

Looking into the chronicles of history, media and news organizations had actually reported that the Northern governors ignited the fire at their meeting which was held early February. Their meeting among other things centred on banning open grazing and sanitising the catlle rearing business in Nigeria.

The meeting nosedived some few days later into a national one which had all governors in attendance. The Governors in a united spirit made known their resolve to ban cattle grazing and to adopt modern system of cattle rearing. This was necessary to avert the incessant farmer-herder clashes which had torn the nation apart.

What then could have caused the socio-political brouhaha and crinkum-crankum just less than four months after? Could there be an invisible factor troubling the waters underneath?

In the first instance, one needs to know what the North is scared off. After all, an old adage has this to say that "He WHO DOESN'T HAVE A SHELTER WILO SUDDENLY FEAR THE COMING OF THE RAIN". That is, when one doesn't have a skeleton in his cupboard, what need has he or she to fear the coming of the auditor?

I believe the northern axis might have entertained fear having gotten the clue the southern governors peace accord is an attempt to starve their ego which has intoxicated them into engaging in nefarious and despicable activities in the guise of making ends meet.

In another case, they might be afraid of the fact that they are gradually loosing their strongholds especially in the south after a prolonged time. This is moreso, as the Southern Nigeria has been seen as the sacred altar or groove which has been used as a dumping ground to climb the pinnacles of power and authority.

Their assumed and perceived ownership of the entire federation is gradually turning into a mirage especially with the unearthing and discoveries of pure truths and factual realities. Thus, it is now time when the owners of the land take charge after years of ridicule, suffering and slavery. It is no longer the maxim of the monkey working, while the baboon enjoys the benefit, it is everyone working to making the system work and sharing the profit equally.

Little wonder, the outcome of the meeting was met with stiff opposition. Chief among the crusaders being the northern elders forum, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, and the nation's chief custodian of the law, Abubakar Malami who has threatened to evict all spare parts dealers from the Northern Territory.

We may then begin to wonder the correlation between a business that has led to wanton destruction of lives and properties as well as one that follows the due process of the law especially with respect to tax remittances.

At what point did we miss the fact that a man's head cannot be shaved in his absence? Or when did we align with George Orwell's Animal Farm where some animals are more superior than the others?

While I am not an advocate of violence, discord and disunity, I must sincerely align my views with the fact that what applies to one applies to all. It is no use trying to utilise the same approaches which has failed over the years.

The Nigerian polity is being subjected to turbulence and stormy winds. The atmosphere as iu were is cloudy signifying the imminence of danger. This is not about the North or the South but about our collective existence.

Our failure to do the needful and encourage all parties to sheath their swords and embrace dialogue and peace may spell doom for our national image. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. May we head the watchman's call.

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