The Policeman Who Shot Jacob Blake Seven Times In The Chest Has Been Cleared Off All The Charges.

By Alexander Opicho - Lodwar, Kenya
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Rusten Sheskey, the Kenosha policeman that shot and paralized Jacob Blake has been cleared off all the charges and as well he has returned back to his job at Kenosha police department . According to Daniel Miskinis, the Head of police department at Kenosha , Sheskey has returned to his job after independent investigations by an external agency have revealed that he was in order and he acted within the recommended policy to shoot Jacob Blake seven times in the chest.

Jacob Blake , a black American family man who is now paralysed and operating on a wheel chair was shot seven times in the chest by one of the three police men on patrol in August last year. Rusten Sheskey, the policeman, shot Blake for being involved in a domestic brawl. Blake was shot seven times and left paralized. This instance has now been justified by the court on April 12, 2021.

However, some individuals and institutions focussed on human rights and un-skewed justice have faulted American system of criminal justice for justifying police brutality and cruelty on Jacob Blake. This kind of racial brutality is only getting justified because Rusten is a white and Jacob is black American .But had it been that the reverse was the case where Jacob Blake was the police man and Rusten a victim, then the shooting would not have been justified.