Covid-19 Murder of Tanzanian, Burundian Presidents! Nigeria Leaders Beware!

By Obinna Akukwe
Late President John Magufuli
Late President John Magufuli

The Covid-19 Murder of the Tanzanian, Burundian Presidents by the agents of global vaccination is a wakeup call for the Nigerian leaders to be cautious before their turn comes.

The President of Tanzania, John Magafulli was the second to be killed by the deep state, vaccine conglomerates and conspiracy of the ‘One World Order’. The first President to be poisoned in office by the same vaccinists was President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi. Both Presidents have rejected the compulsory lockdown and forced vaccinations of their people and they paid the price for it.

Many who oppose the deep state conspiracies are paying one price or the other, all over the world, and I have records of such.

President Magafulli was poisoned two months ago, according to security and diplomatic sources who have given us credible information over the past ten years, after a meal of fruits and vegetable. The poisonous substance that attacked his heart was laced with the vegetables. H e refused to take advantage of foreign medical trip because he knows that the deep state will easily finish him off, according to our source.

The same sources have warned us in May 2020 that all Anti-Covid Presidents in Africa are earmarked for elimination, and they included Burundi, Tanzania and Madagascar.

The case of Madaascar was so urgent at the time that I released a warning titled ‘Covid-19 Herbal Cure; Before They Kill Madagascar President’. In the piece I stated categorically that they are targeting Andry Rajoelina.

I stated further in the piece that,
“A close top international diplomatic source had hinted me earlier in the month that the Madagascan President’s alleged cure for Covid-19 will bring him in conflict with the cabals that wants to control the vaccine world and he hopes African leaders be strategic enough to rally around Rajoelina when it starts. Another top security intelligence source with one of the Western nations, last week told me that a challenge of the WHO , the type Rajoelina is doing, is an invitation to “national chaos and mourning” and expressed concerns that the dispute over the Madagascan organics be resolved before the Madagascan President is seen as ‘a dangerous obstruction’

“These two credible diplomatic and intelligence sources are among the international network of people that had always given us credible information from the time we fought corruption and insecurity during Jonathan era in 2011, through when we covered the activities of Boko Haram, including when they terrorized Abuja, Kano etc. and when Western powers decided that Jonathan must leave Aso Rock, till just recently when the plot to depose Sanusi as Emir of Kano was sealed. Therefore, getting hinted from these sources that a serving President could be eliminated was very worrisome”.

In the piece I urged “all Africans, Christians, Muslims, Pagans to intercede and outcry so that those bent on eliminating the Madagascan President will jettison their plot. We have lost Pan Africanists to all manners of vagaries by those who detest African self-renaissance; Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, among others, are African leaders cut down because of their Pan African mindset, leaving us with clueless, corrupt and wicked elements that looted the continent and instituted poverty”.

Though the big media controllers of the internet have removed them in circulation, in concert with the deep state, it was widely shared in many African countries, and I received varied responses until President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi was killed. The piece was written in May 20th, Burundian President, another Anti Covid Vaccinist was killed in June 8thth, twenty days later. Burundian President had earlier expelled WHO officials from the country in May 15th, and died twenty four days later of heart attacks. He suddenly took ill after a game of volley, got hospitalized, released, and hospitalized again and gave up –all these within 72 hours.

What are the crimes of these African leaders?
Pierre Nkurunziza expelled WHO Officials for mismanaging the Covid scare. He refused to impose restrictions on the small African nation.

President John Magafulli also refused to implement a lockdown. According to the late President while speaking to a crowd

"We Tanzanians have not locked ourselves down, and I don't expect to announce even a single day that we are implementing a lockdown because our God is still alive, and he will continue protecting us Tanzanians,"

"But we shall also continue taking precautions, including steaming. You steam, at the same time pray to God, and going on with your daily activities so that you eat well and your body builds immunity against the coronavirus."

President Andry Rajoelina’s offense was that he touted an African Herbal Remedy that will wipe off the billions of dollars supposed to be raked in by big pharmaceuticals and bio-genetic multi-nationals. He was offered $20 million dollar bribe to refute his remedy or face extermination.

I was told by some leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FKJM) that they advised their President to take proper security precautions.

The new leaders in Burundi and Tanzania have been told to toe the line or get the same treatment. The ever grateful successors, according to our credible sources, are already dancing the WHO dance.

I am not against Covid-19 protocols, including hand washing; face masks, social distancing etc. I was among the first worldwide that warned that the Virus is a Chinese Biological Weapon, used to test-run their ability to start a non-bloody conflict. I warned African Nations to put their faith in God first, while observing all protocols. Chinese diplomats have confirmed to me that they have an agenda of world dominance and reliability, but Beijing is frightened at how far the Vaccinists are taking the virus management, and absolved the Orientals of the intended escalation of the virus worldwide. They explained that Beijing contained their virus in five months, while the Global Vaccinists are playing another politics with it using it as excuse for more sinister motives not intended by the Orientals.

I opposed the criminal and fraudulent lockdown imposed on Nigeria by government fraudsters, who hoarded Covid-19 palliatives, sat the beginning of the lockdown in March, and was reprimanded by all sorts of persons. When the Covid-fraud scheme was exposed, after Endsars protests, many people started commending my insight.

Apart from credible security intelligence from multiple diplomatic sources, I have also given two prophetic insights into how Covid-19 will end in Arica.

Refreshing from my piece of May 5th titled ‘Forced Vaccination Bill: Illuminati Hijacks Nigerian Parliament, Covid-19 Team ‘in paragraph twenty, I said

“However, five weeks ago, I saw a vision where people moved about freely in Nigeria with face masks, and last week, I saw another vision where people moved about without a face mask. This means that Nigeria will miraculously overcome the Coronavirus challenges”.

“From my interpretations of the visions, I advise Bill Gates to reserve his RNA and DNA vaccine to when next to a new wave of epidemics comes. Bill Gates had earlier predicted that “coronavirus in Africa could overwhelm health services and trigger a pandemic which could cause 10 million deaths”. No such millions will die anywhere in Africa because God had shown mercy to the impoverished people of Africa.

“I also advise the WHO regional office in Africa to wait for the next virus because their prediction that up to 190,000 people will die in Africa in the first one year of the pandemic is not in tune with the spiritual reality that I saw. There will be mass death in many places but that number! No! “

I also expatiated it in another piece titled ‘Shut Up! Covid-19 Will Not Swallow Nigeria, Africa’ explaining further thus;

“COVID-19 will not swallow Nigeria according to the visions and revelations I saw on the high mountains and Bill Gates, NCDC, WHO and COVID-19 Taskforce should shut up!

“The vision that I saw was in four phases
“Phase1-Seen in February 2020- Flood of evil ravaging the world, penetrating into Africa and Nigeria and I had to climb higher to avoid the flood.

“Phase 2 -Seen in March 2020- Soldiers on the streets of Abuja and Lagos harassing and keeping people indoor forcefully

“Phase 3 -Seen in April 2020 - Churches, including Our Lady, Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral, Abuja holding services with face mask, hand sanitizers, hand wash, and few social distancing

“Phase 4-Seen in April 2020-Churches, including Faith Tabernacle, holding services without face masks and services jam-packed.

“Interpreting the four phases simply means how the COVID curve will follow in Nigeria and Africa and I never saw any millions dying anywhere in Africa. These things will happen in the not too distant future, therefore let the doomsday prophets prophesying the death of millions on the streets of Africa and hundreds of thousands on the streets of Nigeria shut up!

“God had spoken concerning Nigeria, characterizing series of events with these visions. It is not my business how it will happen. I know that I died, saw phases 3 and 4, and rose again. Anything I see in those realms is beyond all sciences, technology, and human permutations”.

While reacting to Nigeria’s Mega Pentecostal leader, Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s comment on government clampdown of churches, I issued another prophetic decree titled ‘Cancellation of Cross-Over Services: Why Pastor Adeboye Lambasted Govt Witches’ where I declared boldly that

“Above all I want to thank Almighty God who warned me of this evil plot to stop the 2020 Crossover Night Services when clubs, markets, motor parks, event centers, squares and all manners of ceremonies are going on. I want to confidently tell Nigerians who care to listen that due to the intervention of churches that ensured that there is ample Crossover Service into 2021; the plot of the Iluminati over Nigeria has failed. According to my New Year recent revelations, Most of the casualties of Covid-19 will be politicians and top businessmen. God will shield the masses from the second wave. People will die, but the number will still be negligible, and those whose trust is in the Covid-19 Vaccine will be surprised that many will survive without the vaccine.

“They caged Pastor Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi during Crossover service but now that Adeboye had realized himself, one expects that himself and Bishop Oyedepo will form a formidable blockage against the Covid19 Scammers who wants to chip 100 million Nigerians with dangerous vaccine-indeed with this new development the Covid-19 Scammers will not find it easy in 2021”.

My prophesies have come to pass. Covid-19 is killing prominent people and the masses are surviving. Also the attempt to mass vaccinate people in Nigeria is failing woefully.

I want to warn President Buhari of Nigeria to be careful because the Vaccinist conglomerates are not happy at how he refused to declare forced vaccination of people. The manner people are rejecting the Astravazensa Vaccine is being attributed to his pliant and non-cooperative disposition to the issue of mass vaccination.

Before the Nigerian flag flies at Half Mast over a heart attack in the State House, let Buhari take precautions. Heart Attacks from ‘Induced Substances’ are flying about, and is looking in the direction of the Villa.

Buhari’s saving grace is that the beneficiary of the ‘Half Mast’ has been termed ‘populist’, and may not also toe the line of mass vaccination.

Agents of the Deep States and their local corroborators have been removing my posts on facebook platforms, and toggling with my social media accounts, will soon face the wrath of God, in their corroborative wickedness.

Covid-19 Vaccinists have murdered the Tanzanian, Burundi Presidents; let us take precaution before they send another person among us to the world beyond and decree the mass vaccination of all Nigerians.

Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Cleric, [email protected] , twitter,facebook @obinnaakukwe

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