CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu Declares 2021 a Year of New Beginning; Announces Comprehensive Nationwide Convention

Source: Alpha G. Gray
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The National Executive Committee of the Congress for Democratic Change has declared 2021 a year of NEW BEGINNING as the party maximizes efforts to accelerate the fulfillment of institutional obligations to its partisans, the community and to the Liberian people.

Speaking to partisans at the Administrative Complex of the Coalition for Democratic Change in Congo Town, the Chairman of the party Mulbah K. Morlu thanked CDCeans for their relentless tolerance over the past three years, stressing the importance of their support, patience and sacrifice as the enabling space within which His Excellency, President George M. Weah continue to achieve unprecedented development goals.

In continuation, the party says, while commending the President’s efforts in appointing many qualified partisans to serve in his administration, it calls for the inclusion of more qualified and loyal partisans (of the Congress for Democratic Change, the National Patriotic Party, the Liberia People’s Democratic Party, the NUDP & collaborating political parties) to strategic positions in government; replacing treacherous fifth columnist infiltrators who may be part of government, but working against the President’s development goals.

As the CDC-led government moves into its second half of governance, it reiterated the need for qualified Supporters of the party and the President to be given priority consideration in the filling of new vancancies and creating more opportunities that prepare its supporters, especially its youth and student wings, for service.

In furtherance, the Chairman took issues with authorities at the Ministry of Transport who he says, are found wanting in the provocative decision to create employment opportunity for a non-party member, while (over the years) rejecting dozens of qualified partisans under the pseudo-canopy of ‘No vacancy’. Irrespective of the inspiration behind the decision, the statement says, there can be NO moral justification supporting Cabinet Ministers’ appointment of non-partisans to important positions at ministries and agencies, as (qualified) partisans are left to wander street corners in search of jobs they can’t find.

Speaking further, the party called on the Transport Ministry to withdraw the appointment, saying; as a part of the New Beginning, the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change calls for a nullification of this recent provocation at the Ministry of Transport as a necessary step in building a cohesive and strong party.

On the other hand, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the President’s mandate, the CDC Chairman reminded officials of government thus; The National Executive Committee of the CDC moving forward, in support of the President’s statement to officials of government that ‘There will be no room for errors’, will help monitor the performance of government officials, constructively criticizing, praising or requesting the President to dismiss where necessary.

In his concluding statement, the Chairman said, under the NEW BEGINNING agenda of the mighty Congress for Democratic Change, the National Executive Committee hereby announces a comprehensive restructuring of the Congress for Democratic Change, (CDC) through the Conduct of a National Convention, nationwide.

This (Convention) restructuring exercise will be robustly carriedout from length to breadth, Zone to Zone, district to district and County to County through the holding of free, fair and transparent elections open to the participation of all CDCeans.

The Convention begins this May, 2021 when all twenty-five administrative districts of Montserrado County will go to an organized Congress to elect all district officials, including Coordinators; followed by the election of Chairman and executives of the CDC Montserrado Chapter. This process will graduate to every county ahead of the Congress for Democratic Change’s planned National Congress, which will be held next year (2022) for election of the party’s National Executive Committee.

Meanwhile, the party (working with district leaderships structures) will relaunch its ID Card program next month just before the commencement of district elections. All partisans and new members will be registered in their respective districts for the issuance of ID Cards.

Alpha G. Gray is the Public Relations Officer/Spokesman-of City Government of Monrovia Monrovia Corporation (MCC)