Kwara State: Placing Dressing Ahead Of Quality Education

By Daniel Omaga
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Religion has always been a tool manipulated by the elites of Nigeria to keep the poor and unenlightened in a perpetual state of misery. Unfortunately, Nigeria's brand of religion has continued to remain a pawn on the chessboard.

Today, just like yesterday, Kwara State is on the news. Perhaps, for the wrong reason.

One may say the multibillionaire governor of Kwara, Rahman Abdulrazaq is not an active stakeholder in the public school system in Kwara State or Nigeria. This may be largely due to the fact that his family owns Regent Schools, Maitama, Abuja, where fees are charged in hundreds of thousands annually and expatriate teachers are camped in luxurious staff quarters within the school premises.

You know what? Issues like hijab aren’t discussed there because he owns a stake.

I believe in their school, what they spend time debating is which country in Europe, Asia and North America to fly students to on excursions and which extra skills, class pupils should enroll in - ballet dancing, music, piano, swimming, tech development, etcetera.

But alas! He becomes governor and he’s presiding over a cabinet where head covering has become a topic in schools, where there are no books, electricity, toilets, chairs or even proper security.

To get away with this facade, as usual, they tie it to religion. Whereas, their own kids are in Maitama being taught by Indian, British and perhaps, Canadian teachers in air conditioned classrooms.

What is going on in Kwara at the moment is nothing but a violent defilement of the psyche of Kwara children by divisive agents, pretending to be defenders of religion.

As leaders, whatever will further threaten the already fragile religious harmony we enjoy as a nation, must be discouraged in it's entirety. Kwara youths must not be taken on another voyage of destruction of lives and properties, because of religion, as we have already witnessed enough in recent times, as a nation.

We are all one. We must see ourselves in that light.

God bless Nigeria!