Oduduwa Empire/Biafra Republic and the insistence of stopping the pursuit of ethnic secession and the Echoes of war  in Nigeria

By Momoh, Emmanuel Omeiza
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From the onset, the creation of the society according to known philosophers was based on some basic principles which were pivotal to its growth and development. Where this was lacking, the end result was nothing more than revolts, uprisings, insurrections and conflicts which most times couldn't be quantified.

Critical examples exist of this overtime. These are The Swedish War of Liberation (1521–23), The American Revolutionary War, The Irish Rebellion of 1798 and 1803. In fact, several countries of the world are products of conflict as at one time or the other they have fought relentlessly to break away from the hands of their oppressors. Nigeria in 1960 gained liberation from the hands of British colonialists after several years of pleas and agitations which were not on a platter of gold.

We would not be quick to also forget the religious conflict of the 18th Century which led to the establishment of Protestantism after breaking away from the Catholics on the basis of ideological differences.

The above may not be far from what obtains presently in Nigeria. No thanks to the activities of the nation's political leaders who have whimsically used bad governance as a tool to disrupt societal development and peace.

The consequences of this are evident in the drums and echoes of war which resonate on a daily basis, the recent being the calls by the Egbe Omo Oduduwa and Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to break away from the entity christened Nigeria.

However, the examples highlighted above are incomparable to the struggles or the demands of the proponents of the Oduduwa empire and Biafra republic. In clear terms, the demands of secessionists are not based on having political power at their fingers but erecting the monuments of democracy, good governance, Justice and equity. Hence, the agitations are a quest to break away from maladministration which have been the bane of our collective existence.

The emancipation or freedom Nigeria needs at present is from a faulty management or administration and from endemic corruption which have eaten deep into our nation's fabric. The consequences of these overtime have been nothing but homelessness, hunger, underdevelopment, unemployment and other forms of social unrest which threaten and stare us in the face daily.

We need not be alarmed our frightened by the drums of war and ethnic secession. We can use what we have to get what we want. All the resources available at our disposal are much more than enough to make things work and to allow everyone sheath his or her sword.

The missing link is the lack of political wheel which come in the form of good management and administration. Wee need not breed malfeasance in the form of encouraging and applauding ethnic secession and emancipation.

In the meantime, he struggles for ethnic secession are beginning to have political undertone. The failure to fix the fault lines in the national system shortly after independence may undoubtedly be the reason we are plunged into the mess of calling for ethnic secession.

What more can we say about terrorism, banditry, high profile kidnapping. As the government continually fails to fix the faults in our system, the gongs and drumbeats of war continually resonate continually.

With all the above beguiling our existence, it may not be far from the truth to conclude that we are currently sitting on a timed bomb and as each moment passes, and the timer ticks, it is evident that all is about to explode.

Violence, uprisings and insurrections cannot in anyway be the answer to our woes and challenges. God forbid that there is an outbreak of war. Wouldn't we rather die for peace first. We need not be scapegoats over trifle matters which can be solved on the tables of reconciliation and negotiation.

The most paramount thing in stopping the pursuit of ethnic secession is for all and sundry to have a firm belief in the country. This is from the highest echelon to the lowest.

What makes up a nation of not its people? What makes up a society if not the different components in the form of tribes and clans? If the above assertion seems valid, then it is high time all forgets ethnic diversity and Live collectively. Our failure to understand this fact may be the beginning of our extinction. A thousand and one prayers or sacrifices may not avert that unless we expedite the necessary actions.

It is time to stop the drum beats of ethnic secession and the echoes of war.

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