Nothing but A Tripartite Scam

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

One of the greatest sayings of Jahoviah, Jah Jesus Christ, goes thus. ‘He who is not against us, is for us.’ Let us call it Jahoviah’s Principle.

Jahoviah, the Creator of all things, visible and invisible, knows fully well the blueprints and inner workings of men’s minds. This privileged knowledge and authority over all things, made him to issue such a revolutionary statement. Jahoviah understands and knows how men are accustomed to couching and dissembling their true intentions for fear of reprisals.

Therefore. we borrow on Jahoviah’s mighty authority to make the converse statement, which must as well be true. He who is against us, is not for us. Let us call it the converse principle.

As we move along, bear both principles in mind.
Perhaps up to 10% of Nigeria's annual budget may now be dedicated to paying-off foreign Fulani bandit-terrorists allowed to roam unmolested within the country, chiefly by Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. His alias is Mai Gaskiya in Hausa language which translates as Mr. Integrity.

The President will not use the Army of which he is Commander-in Chief to flush bandit-terroristsout of Nigeria's forests for fear of incurring collateral damages. So says a presidential spokesman, countering the Minister of Information who had earlier declared that the bandit-terrorists will not be flushed out of Nigeria’s forests for fear of destroying the environment. Apply Jahoviah’s Principle.

However, the President will unflinchingly deploy the Army and Airforce to bomb IPOB vigilantes in the South East trying to get rid of Fulani bandit-herdsmen, without fear of incurring collateral damages or damaging the gully and channel erosion ravaged South East geopolitical region of Nigeria. Apply the Converse Principle.

Taking all things into consideration and applying Jahoviah’s Principle, one can declare that bandit-terrorism in Nigeria is a multi-million-dollar tripartite scamming business, involving the Fulani led Nigerian Government, the foreign Fulani bandits themselves, and the expansionist Fulani elites as scam-business partners.

Each of the three parties have well defined roles, but they are all working towards the same goal. The financial and territorial scamming of indigenous Nigerians, as well as the milking of Nigeria which has been turned within six years of Mr. Integrity’s tenure into a Fulani cash-and-land cow.

The role of the Fulani led Federal and State Governments within the arrangement is to make sure bandits are not declared as terrorists but rather are given free space to roam about without molestation by anyone. Their role is to pay bandits millions of dollars in ransom from the public purse through Fulani led state governments. Apply Jahoviah’s Principle.

The Fulani led Federal Government will not disarm the bandits or allow concerned Nigerians to disarm them. They will go further to deny Nigerians the right to bear arms in self-protection. Apply the converse principle.

The role of the foreign Fulani bandits is to capture and kidnap vulnerable people for ransom. Seize indigenous tribal lands for resettlement of the Fulani all over the country and generally make life unbearable for indigenous Nigerians.

The role of the Fulani elites is to cry out each time foreign bandit-terrorists are being ejected by natives from their tribal lands. Also, to insist that Nigerians are free to settle anywhere of their choice under the Constitution. That is a fallacy of course because the law of trespass subsists.

Fulani elites also vociferously defend bandits’rights to bear arms. Finally, their role is to demand the creation of grazing areas intended for the resettlement of the Fulani all over the country, with the expansionist intention of making the Fulani, indigenes of every state in Nigeria.

It is clear for all to see that a tripartite,expansionist, and extortionist scam is ongoing in Nigeria.

A serious government worth its salt would have unleashed the Army to rout bandits occupying Nigeria’s forests. It would have banned open grazing which gave bandits the excuse to be in the forests in the first place. It would have encouraged wealthy cattle owners to buy lands for grazing their cattle. It would have advised local governments to set up, well secured, non-residential, cattle markets, where poor cattle raisers may keep their cattle overnight, at their own cost, until they are sold.

A serious government without an untowardagenda would have implemented all the steps listed above to curtail the bandit-terrorism menace. What we have now is anything but one. Applying Jahoviah’s Principle, it is a complicit party to the tripartite scam.

What we are witnessing really, is the final unfurling of the NEXT LEVEL expansionistAgenda which some Nigerians voted for in 2019.


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