Gov. Umahi’s Brother-in-law Arrested And Paraded In Abuja For Kidnapping

Uses Ebonyi State Governor’s Lodge To Hide Victims, Claims Negligence From Ebonyi First Family (Exclusive Photos)

By The Nigerian Voice
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A brother-in-law of the Governor of Ebonyi State Governor, Mr David Umahi and a younger brother of his wife, Mrs. Rachel Umahi has been arrested and paraded by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) police command in Abuja for kidnapping. The arrest of the young man, identified as Chukwu Betherand, also popularly known as ‘fish’ is said to not have come as a rude shock to the Ebonyi first family if his claims of welfare negligence by the first family is to be believed.

L-R: Chukwu Betherand, Sister, Her Excellency Mrs. Rachel Umahi , Another Sister.

The Alleged kidnappers according to police sources were using the Ebonyi State Governor’s Lodge in the high brow Maitama area of Abuja as hide out where their kidnapped victims were kept.

Police Parade

Some family members who confirmed the story to be true blamed Bethrand for turning into criminality though confirming his claims of tightfistedness of the Umahi family especially to close family members. "I blame Bethrand. He is an adult and must take responsibility of his actions. But I also blame his sister and her husband who only support people on Television. Every family member knows how mincy they treat us....," a family member who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.

The suspects who were arrested on February 6, 2021 by the police around Apo axis in Abuja as they went for their bounty. They are named as follows :

  • Frank Uzor, 26
  • Nweke Uche, 19
  • Chester Uzor, 25
  • Chukwu Betherand, 27
  • Chukwu Samuel 25
  • Kelechi Ngene

were allegedly arrested at the point of collecting ransom from a relative of their victim. The FCT police operatives announced they have rescued 3 victims kidnapped by the alleged kidnap suspects.

A highly placed Ebonyi Government who refused to disclose his name said that "the Governor and his family are shattered by the mud thrown on them by Bethrand. Remember that they made him a cancellor last year. You can imagine the pedigree of those to select to preside over us. An inter-state kidnapper. He must have been tired of kidnapping Eboyians before going inter-state...", the government official claims.