Societies That Normalize Criminalities With Privilege & Reward Will Fall

By Farouk Martins Aresa

Empires, Civilization and Country fell under their own weight when they became arrogant and basked in their own overstretched power. They had to dominate the weak, poor and meek inside and outside their territory to solidify their privileged position at the top. These are desperate people fighting to gain, preserve or implement their status quo of privileges mainly for economic domination.

Other countries in West Africa: Mauritania, Niger, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia to the Central African Republic are familiar with Fulani aggressive perchance to convert others' land. Fulani have always exhibited the tendency to dominate other ethnic groups no matter where they are in Africa.

Therefore, when Fulani destroy farms, they are also destroying African economy. Nobody has to be kidnapped, maimed, raped and killed so that we can eat beef or consume cow products. Indeed, cows in ranches around the world with less arable land produce better cow products including beef, milk, butter and leather. But Fulani want to use exhausted unproductive cows as a means to trek into any land and conquer people.

Who are the real owners of the cows invading and destroying farms across West Africa? Certainly not those armed cowboys employed to make the cows unproductive by long trekking to outside lands than in ranches at home. There is no reason cowboys should be roaming cities and villages in the 20th century with AK47 except there is an agenda to covet other people and land by violence and force disguised as the religion of God.

The cowboys/herdsmen are poor illiterates employed by herdsmen/owners to achieve personal domineering interest diverting attention away from unavailable school and jobs, which should have kept them productive at home. Arming them gives a false sense of power tripping and privilege to discourage them from progressive and modern ways of earning a living by establishment of ranches at home, schools and factories.

Agricultural production remains the most viable means for Africans with the most arable land in the world, to become self sufficient. Breeding hybrids local cows that can produce milk and beef in good quality require ranches in stable locations. If Africans refused to manage their own land for self survival, foreigners would do it and export the products outside, only to repackage them and sell to the highest bidders. This will include African buyers. It does not make sense in 2000 to be roaming around as if you are in the past centuries.

Most of the milk consumed in Nigeria is imported and the local cows roaming about are not as productive. In order to make them as productive, veterinarians have to cross breed them with imported cows in a stable congenial environment in established ranches. The lack of controlled and territorial grazing by Fulani herdsmen also causes the scientifically bred foreign animals used as hybrid with local cows, to pick ticks and infections such as foot and mouth disease (FMD). This becomes one of the most challenging diseases of cattle ranches.

Other African countries curbed Fulani grazing. It is only in Nigeria where they use Hausa to implement and solidify their born to rule mentality. It dates back to Usman Dan Fodio who used Religion to campaign against immorality and corruption in order to topple the Hausa rulers in their seven states. Only to find out they are worse than the Hausa Emirs they replaced.

Every couple of years, some Northerners that play to the gallery like Gov. Ganduje of Kano, preached for cattle ranches up North. Please lecture your unrelenting crusaders of the oligarchy that want to covet land and people in areas that do not belong to them to continue their raiding agenda. Some, with impunity, come out and lay claim to the whole country.

These marauders specifically pick and choose which farms with the least resistance they raided in Southern Nigeria. Rosedale Farm, Obasanjo Farm and others where they would be shot on sight are spared. The smaller farmers trying to make it into bigger business, create more jobs for families and their wives are the ones violated, maimed and killed.

We need more African billionaires to plough their riches back into African people and countries they grew out of or exploited. Even pastors, imams and a former President of Cote d’ Ivoir dreamed and built the biggest Churches and Mosques in Africa instead of the biggest factories. Some pastors want Churches as business centers on every street, not factories?

Fortunately, there are people of goodwill everywhere willing to fight with everything they have including their personal lives and resources. Some of these people of goodwill also encourage others to join them including those that held opposite views but have come to realize the consequences of their actions looking for amends.

Africans are fond of aligning themselves to world standards of which they had no input in deeds or consultations. But if we have to, we can emulate Western billionaires. Think about the history of Albright, Annenberg, Rockefeller, Nobel, Kennedy etc and how they started, made their money and ended up rectifying and rebuilding the country and people they exploited. Some African billionaires prefer ostentatious displays on social media.

Most of us want a stable Country that espouses the ideal values of civility, decency, law and order. While different countries establish their own political systems of how to accomplish these tasks, there is no unanimous consensus within. This is why the majority of the people decide what system or party they prefer for the best solutions. Yet, strongmen fear that their preference of system or party may be rejected by the majority.

So they find ways to subvert the will of the majority. No matter what, they would never give up their reactionary views even with their minority votes. They are always looking for ways to capture the majority by any means necessary. Some stage a bloody or bloodless coup including any form of violence to gain upper hand.

When you ban violence and guns but reward those that use them to advance your agenda. When you preach hard work and education but reward failure with privilege. When you punish those that cry against oppression and loss of lives from constituted authorities but ignore those that kill because they belong to different ethnic groups or "races". Eventually, your privileged ones will attack your House, Police and Army with weapons you made accessible.

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