Nigeria British Entrepreneur, Collins Onyeaji gets top Atiku care appointment

By Barcity Media
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The Atiku Care Foundation has announced the appointment of a Nigerian, Collins Onyeaji as the senior special adviser on Human relations and international affairs to the Director General of the foundation.

The appointment is in recognition of his track record in community engagement, leadership and interpersonal skills and most importantly the success he has recorded in human and international relations both in Nigeria and the international scene.

Collins Onyeaji is an astute Nigerian-British scholar and serial international consultant, Collins Onyeaji has speared headed many consultative and international related projects across the International Scene and Nigeria. He is the founder and CEO of British AUC London and B Soccer academy Manchester, an organisation devoted to inspiring and connecting talented Nigerian youths to football opportunities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Atiku care foundation has evolved over the years to become a centerpiece that promotes excellence, professionalism, teamwork, cooperation and interplay of creative ideas, which ensure that their goals , mission and vision are pursued vigorously to achieve results.

“Thanks to His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and the Director General, Ambassador Aliyu Bin Abbas for considering me worthy to service in this capacity. It will be a pleasure to serve the foundation with all diligence and commitment in line with the foundation mandate. My greatest thanks also goes to Timi Frank for his support and encouragement. It's my humble appreciation and thanks to all of you for showing me love and believing in my capacity” Collins said.