SUNDAY IGBOHO AND THE SOUR GRAPES: A Letter To Lady Olamide Oloyede,

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My dear Lady Oloyede,
I am compelled to write you this letter in view of your responses to irritating nuances of some, on the efforts of Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a. Sunday Igboho to set his people free from the stranglehold of Fulani criminals who have continued to murder, maim and rape our people.

You would observe that I refused to respond to the inanities at first, because of the assault on our sensibilities. But after reading your responses, I decided to write you this letter.

I could understand your being irritated by such commentaries belittling our efforts to stay alive. I could comprehend your anger induced by efforts of some to ridicule our efforts to protect our heritage. I could see why one would be piqued by those laboriously trying to denigrate those putting in their widow's mite to ensure that we are not subjugated and enslaved in our own land.

Thus, I could say with a degree of certainty, that I understand where you are coming from. Your reactions and responses, to the unsavory comments of those hawking acquiescence to and with slavery, misery, subjugation, invasion and conquest, have my sympathy.But I still have to please, plead with you to understand one thing, some are incorrigibly impervious to facts.

They live in a cocoon. They waddle in the swaddle. Endlessly, they shuffle in the swathe. They gallivant in the gallery of the obtuse. They have a mental block to any event or issue that doesn't fit their narratives. They live in alternative reality. Unwittingly, they exude edified nausea to induce intellectual puking. They have no consideration for others. The lives and well-being of others amount to nothing. They are driven by pathological selfishness, dubiously and diabolically projected as corporate interest.

Unfortunately for them, the harder they try to hide behind the one finger of shady selflessness, the more audacious is the wind blowing their cover, exposing them for what they are. They have forgotten that no matter how rich or wealthy they are, they could never be immune from societal malaise.

People are dying, day in day out. Our people are being kidnapped and murdered. Countless are maimed on daily basis. Numberless are raped day after day. Our farms are burnt and destroyed regularly. Yet, the Government has done nothing about this. They are aiding and abeting criminalities against our people.

In spite of all this, a supposed social commentator, safely ensconced in the comfort of the United States of America, is sermonizing that we do nothing. That we keep our arms akimbo as they continue to murder and maim us. That we continue to recognize the authority of a Government that does not value our lives.

He is one of the genre of those who want to sacrifice our lives for nothing. They refuse to accept the obvious facts of the woes of our people. There are others who are professional sentries of misery. They include Femi Adesina, Babafemi Ojudu and others of their ilk. They are aware of threats to our mutual existential survival. But they don't care. They believe that they have accumulated enough money that would take care of them and their families. So, the rest of us, as far as they are concerned, could go to hell for all they care.

They are sermonizing that courageous individuals like Chief Sunday Igboho, is a vigilante. That he is a rabble rouser. That he should not be taken serious. That he is trying to breach peace by protecting his own people. That we should discountenance him. Send him to the curb. Throw him in the dustbin. That we should continue to worship in the shrine of an irresponsible Fulani Government and a satellite traitorous State government in Oyo State, headed by one misguided and perfidious Seyi Makinde.

I have read so many diarrheic statements from the so-called Seyi Makinde. The more more he opens his mouth, the more he concretizes his image as one of the enemies of Yorùbá Nation. It is difficult to agree that he has people who could really talk to him. He is acting like a proverbial lost dog unable to hear the bugle of the hunter.

An obviously irresponsible, capricious and thoughtless man with executive powers over a state, in an obvious outlandish and grotesque statement, advised the Oyo State Police Commissioner, Ngozi Onadeko, to arrest Chief Sunday Igboho and his followers and treat them as "criminals." This, according to PMNews, was during a courtesy visit to his office by the newly posted PC. But Mrs. Ngozi Onadeko has refused to hearken to Makinde's foolishness and stupidity.

A feckless and fickle minded State Executive, the so-called Seyi Makinde never visited Ibarapa when many crimes were committed against the Yorùbá people in Oyo State?

Where was the Seyi Makinde when Dr Aborode was assasinated?

Where was Seyi Makinde when Alhaji Amubieya was kidnapped?

Where was Seyi Makinde when Alh Olusegun Olosunde was kidnapped?

Where was Seyi Makinde when OYSCATECH staff were kidnapped?

Where was Seyi Makinde when Alhaji Subawah was assassinated?

Where was Seyi Makinde when Alhaji Monsuru was kidnapped?

Where was Seyi Makinde when the uncle of "Till Infinity KayQ" (his loyalist in Ibarapa) was kidnapped?

Where was Seyi Makinde when Baba Aso's wife was kidnapped?

Where was Seyi Makinde when Fulani Herdsmen orchestrated the killing of a Germany based business mongul in Igangan?

Where was Seyi Makinde when Oko-Oloyun was murdered on Igboora-Eruwa Road?

Seyi Makinde was nowhere to be found when all these were happening. Obviously, he doesn't care if the whole of Yorùbá people in Oyo State were killed by the Fulani. He is planning to be President of the contraption called Nigeria in 2023 to compete against Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Kayode Fayemi. The Yorùbá must be sold into slavery and murdered, if they refuse to cooperate.

The Palace of Seriki Fulani was burnt and Makinde is engaged in obnoxious and vacuous vituperation! He is running helter-skelter to show his Fulani masters that he could be a better traitor than Bola Ahmed Tinubu! Makinde called Sunday Igboho and his followers "criminals." If that is the case as that treacherous Seyi Makinde had posited, then, what are we going to call those who committed all the crimes listed above?

So, my dear Sister, when people with pretentious and fossilised intellectuality challenge the course of our existential survival, you should know that you are dealing with a special breed of people. I used the words "pretentious" and "fossilised" very advisedly. One could only be a pretentious and fossilised intellectual when one is incorrigibly impervious to extant facts. There is no other way to put it.

Please, my dear Lady Oloyede, don't allow yourself to be unnecessarily riled. Those who are reading them and reading you are not idiots. They have the ability to decipher. They are incredibly discernible. They know the real substance as opposed to gaseous righteous indignation that flies away from real issues.

Nevertheless, we should not give up, if only for the simple fact that we must stay alive. We must checkmate the Fulani criminals. The murders must be stopped. The maiming must stop. The raping must stop. The arsons must stop. We must wake up and protect our land. We must protect our heritage. We must protect our History. We must checkmate the Fulani invaders. We must beat back the FULANI criminals.

Thank you very much for your time and be assured of my best regards.

Rèmí Oyèyemí.

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